Olympics are fun ways to entertain kids (and adults…), and WordPress seemed to tell me to share the good news, as Meg had a great post about winter Olympics for toddlers almost at the same time as No time for flash cards came out with a number of nice crafts ideas related to Olympics.

I’ve had my fair share of Olympics too. One of my fondest memories of athletics as a kid was when my Dad taught us the 10 ways of “shot put”, which he’d developed as a kid. You just need some space and one bigger stone. Then you throw the stone with your right hand, left hand, both hands above your head forward and then backward, both hands between your legs forward and backward etc. See who gets furthest away.

Of course there are other good and more established disciplines that one can imitate too, like mobile phone throwing (see the world championship of it in 2013 here), wife carrying (more info of the world championships in 2014 here), and swamp soccer (more about the world championship in 2014 here).  All of these good reasons to visit odd locations in Finland hosting the world championships, however, the championships will only be free if you create a similar event at home. Have fun!


  1. This could really be for Australians…something most Aussies would be well up for! I love the ladies in the mud 🙂

    1. So now you know when you should visit us, you may even get to participate 🙂

  2. Wow! Olympic crafts for the kids are so entertaining! Didn’t know that’s such things around 🙂 the mobile throwing is funny!

    1. I thought there were good ideas for crafts too. Maybe we’ll do an event…?

  3. Thanks for the reference!

    1. Thanks for great posts, you so often make me laugh!

  4. I know this was for kids… but all I can picture are my friends and several coolers of food and drink and us recreating those and the mayhem that ensues! 🙂

    1. Yes very true! An activity the whole family can enjoy.

      1. I like the addition of food and drinks, Kate! And I definitively think it can be fun for all ages to engage in some games like this. As long as you have the right mind set, and pick disciplines that works for everyone…

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