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Winter Dance

Not a big fan of opera but this sounds like it could be a fun outdoor event with an orchestra and opera singers dressed up in their performance costumes! SO, winter dance outside the opera March 1st at 4pm. More info  

Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls

Last week we finally got around to make some crafts of the toilet paper and paper towel rolls we’ve saved. We searched the internet for inspiration. It was not too big a surprise when my 3 yo daughter, the birdwatcher, wanted to make binoculars and a castle for Cinderella, and when my 2 yo son was […]

Building with Corn

Not playing with food but using processed colourful fluffy potato, hold on, no, corn! (I’m sure I was told they are made of potato but when reading more about these online turns out the bits are made of corn. Biodegradable anyway). It was not quite free, not even cheap but also not expensive. We tried […]

Massage and Hairdressing

In the solitary confinement of chicken pox combined with a tired mum with a bad cold (or just after a looong day at work) massage and hairdressing are the kind of games I’m voting for: both mean I get to lie down while playing. It actually feels quite nice when the kids are filling my […]

Which Way: My Favourite Spot in Tampere

I’m not very familiar with Tampere but my favourite part downtown is the Verkatehdas area. They used to manufacture fabrics in these old red brick buildings (or so the name suggests). Now they have lovely narrow walkways and small shops selling handicrafts and design.   Edit: As Lady of the Cakes pointed out in the […]

Seashell Frames

My mother-in-law gave me a wonderful book for Christmas: rainy day book of things to make and do (you can find it at I started to flip through it, and my kids wanted to do some arty seashell decorated frames from it. I find them lovely, simple to do even with toddlers, and as […]

My Best Free Bits of Stockholm

On our recent day trip to Stockholm we had time to go for a stroll in Gamla stan, the old town, but gave Södermalm a miss. We explored Junibacken properly for the first time but didn’t go to Skansen. Junibacken and Skansen have entrance fees but I think you get good value for the money […]


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