Tips for People who Plan to do Roadtrips with Kids

I think Backus Adventures makes a very extensive list of things to think of when travelling with children. She is travelling Australia with her husband and four kids, so she ought to know. I like her attitude!

As for what I liked most when travelling Australia, was spotting the rich wildlife, seeing the beautiful sunsets and sunrises (well, they can be beautiful elsewhere too) and the nature. The nature is just so different to what I grew up with, and there is a fair bit of variation too (even though it may not seem so when in the outback…). Oh, and the beaches, they must be the best ones in the world!


  1. Thank you for your kind words. Life sure is an adventure.

    1. You deserve them 🙂

  2. I have fond memories of road tripping across Australia (and I think my parents do too, in amongst all the other memories of road-tripping across Australia with kids).

    We’re trying a mini road trip in Japan for a couple of days so I must click through to make sure I don’t miss any tricks (then again, my parents are there so perhaps they’ll fill in any gaps!)

    1. I always find it impressive how much Aussies travel by car, even with small children. You have the right attitude.

      Will be great to read about your trip to Japan SOON!

      1. Yes, nearly all ready! (I think..)

        1. As long as you have passports and credit cards, you’ll do alright 🙂

  3. Do you know how happy I am that I won’t be taking a road trip with a kid anytime soon? LOL. I’m an awful person, but so happy to have a teenager!

    1. I believe there is a time for everything (and road tripping over all is not for everybody)!

      I just saw a friends first baby, incredibly cute, and I was so happy to see him and that all is good with the whole family. At the same time I was sooooo happy it wasn’t me with a newborn again… There is a time for everything. I am sure I’ll share your sentiments in 10-15 years too!

  4. Australia is a beautiful country and I do agree they have one of the best seas I

  5. Our plan is to make it to
    Australia this year. We actually have thought of caravaning across the country. I will definitely check out Backus Adventures! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you found a blog to get inspired by! Caravaning in Australia will be great, I think their campsites are generally very good too. And it is an easy country to travel in with kids. Well, apart from the long distances, but if you have all the time, that won’t be a problem. But you are going to have a ball there!

  6. I would so love to visit Australia someday, I always hear such wonderful things about the continent!

    1. Well, then you should! Btw, the facilities for travelling there with a baby are good too 😉

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