Fridge Magnets

My daughter has been into Hama beads lately producing lovely little pictures. Some of the suitable sized ones we’ve given away as coasters but I thought they turned into perfect fridge magnets as well (and my birthday greeting in the back is pretty cool too!):

wpid-20140219_185859.jpgwpid-20140219_185934.jpgHama beads don’t cost much, the boards can be reused many times and the 30 magnets I bought cost less than 6e at Hobby Point, which in my opinion is one of the best craft shops in Helsinki.


  1. […] year my daughter suggested we’d make some fridge magnets with Hama pearls to send along. Not a bad idea (to make everyone else we know also drown in the items that come out […]

  2. […] place, playing boardgames, reading quite a few books most often cuddled up in a bed, doing some art with hama pearls and then all of us were still happy to go early to […]

  3. What a great idea! And what great gifts they would make as well!

    1. Thanks, we hope people like them. We do!

      1. Happy birthday as well! 🙂

        1. Thanks, it was really in January though. I just like the card 🙂

          1. Oh then it’s a very belated happy birthday. Haha

  4. Happy birthday!

    I didn’t know kids that young could cope with these beads. Maybe we’ll have to put them on the Christmas list or something. They certainly seem to be popular (the fridge magnet idea is a great twist).

    1. Thanks! My bday was really in January but the card still makes me happy.

      The 2yo doesn’t do the beads for long unless you sit down with him. The 3,5 yo can concentrate for a long time. But it is nice to be able to use all the products for something.

      1. Ok, well by Christmas she’ll be 3.75 so that sounds like good timing. I guess in my head it was more a 5-6yo thing (based on P’s interest in quiet fine-motor activities 🙂 ) but I think you’re right and we can definitely go sooner with T.

        1. I guess these things vary a lot from child to child too. I guess my take on it is that there is no harm trying, it is easy to figure out if the child is not interested in something and then just do something else.

          1. For sure! It just never occurred to me to even try with a child so young.

  5. I love these! Where can we get the templates for those cute mousey and animals? We have these beads too, but we didn’t make such adorable ones.

    1. Do you have eg Toys R us or BR Toys there? Here you can get various boards even in department stores. Some have a shaped board, some are transparent so you can attach a picture underneath. You may be able to tell by the use of colours that my kids don’t really follow a picture 😉 but are just creative.

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