Anatomy of Time

…looks like this at home:


Big sis has been very interested in time (again) lately, and reading a book with times hasn’t really helped her grasp different times. However, when making these clocks, she was happy to try out what the clock looks like when we leave for daycare, when we pick them up, when it is bedtime etc.

These were easy to do: I suggested watercolours for painting the background but kids insisted on markers. Then they told me what to cut out of the spongy material that even worked like a sticker when the  paper on the back was removed. Easy, thanks to my sister-in-law.


  1. I like it when kids do the craft work and design themselves… always more lovely than commercial ones.

    1. And I rather do this kind of stuff than play with cars or dolls…

  2. Great idea! I should do this. BLACKBERRY #1 is probably old enough to learn now.

    1. I’m sure he’d do well! If you do some, how about linking up so we can see other versions too!

  3. so fun! I think that making the clock probably does help show the relationship of time – plus, it’s fun!

    1. It was fun! So simple but yet so much fun! Aren’t kids the best company ever?!

  4. Funny how they have to be actively involved sometimes to really grasp things. Actually, I think that doesn’t always stop as we grow!

    1. I actually think it goes for most people when learning comes without too much trouble. But we are often lazy…

      1. True! But when not being lazy, adults have hopefully learnt how to force themselves into it a bit when they can see it’s necessary, whereas kids don’t have that planning and self-discipline.

        1. Words of wisdom, once again 🙂

  5. What a cute idea! I think this could even help children have more interest in learning the concept of time!

    1. Hopefully! little bro certainly had fun too but I am not too sure what he picked up…

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