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Pompoms and Easter

Pompoms and Easter may sound like a weird combination but as I’ve mentioned before, I think the good part of a celebration often consists of the anticipation, and that common crafts are a good way to build up the excitement. At first I thought I’d knit Easter eggs to decorate willow branches with. But my […]

Cardboard Kiosk

My husband cut the kids a kiosk out of a cardboard box, which has been the source of many fun games lately even though it was lots smaller than the cottage and the slide that he made them earlier.  

Playing with Letters

No time for flash cards had recently a few great tips on training the letters, which reminded me of the letter cards mum made for me when I was a kid. Big cards for capital letters, smaller cards for small letters and numbers 0-9. The letters are cut out of sand paper, so that tactile […]

Verona, Italy

Mr Woodpecker takes his family on a short and affordable trip to Verona here.

New Page

When I set this blog up, I decided to focus on four free but fun themes that are a natural part of my life.While blogging about these, I noticed one more theme arising somewhere in the area of finances and life style choices, so I’ve created a new page to give an overview on these […]

StrEat Helsinki

We went to the market area to try the street food festival StrEat Helsinki yesterday (in the afternoon of Saturday 22.3). The portion sizes were supposed to be kept small and the prices per portion low, so that one could try many dishes. Access to the festival area was free. It was a lovely sunny […]


Last Sunday we went to Arne Alligator’s concert, which was far from free, but heaps of fun. Our son danced until his legs buckled under him and our daughter has been talking for days now about how she got to give a hug to Arne as well. Even from an adult point of view, they […]

Evening Story

My favourite time of the day is when I get to sit down and read an evening story (or few) for my children. It is said to be good for a multilingual family to read a lot, but that’s not why I like it. I actually love the reading part: it’s nice to cuddle in, […]

Crafts With Pipe Cleaners

My daughter wanted to do origami but my tired brain didn’t feel like following instructions. Instead we used pipe cleaners and tin foil to make people and animals doing gymnastics. A simple way to have a nice time together. Would be easy to pack along a few pipe cleaners together with tin foil on a […]

Skiing – Once More a Winter Activity!

After lovely sunshine and spring weather, I even heard rumors of flowers growing, the winter came back. We woke up to 10-15 cm snow and 0 degrees. Perfect weather for snow sculptures, but gave us also a second chance for the most traditional winter activity all kids should get to try: cross-country skiing. My daughter […]


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