Family Walk in Töölö Bay

One of my favourite places to go for a walk with kids in Helsinki is the area around the Töölö bay: It has a great amount of diversions, so even our children walk fairly easily descent distances. Often we’d leave the car by the winter garden, a place that already my grandmother frequented but that is enjoyable even for my children (and btw a free, tidy and warm place to e.g. enjoy your own picnic in the winter time), and then we usually walk from there along the bay towards the opera house and the city centre. It is easy to get back with a tram, if needed.

This time we took first a look at the winter dance by the opera. I didn’t expect to stay there long but thought it could be a way to show the kids that there is other type of dancing and dances than what Angelina Ballerina (yes, we still learn a lot from her) and Cinderella has revealed so far. And a bit of culture… Well, there was a crowd that was even older than I imagined, and my son was immediately, as always initially, afraid of the crowd. My daughter wondered why the singing woman had to be so loud and then she obviously had to show how high and loud she could “sing” too, obviously soon followed by her little brother. So we lasted about 30 seconds there before “let’s go and see the ducks!”.


It was a crisp spring day, sunny before I started taking pictures, so it was nice to be out. The walking and cycling paths have been separated leaving kids a great track to balance on. Then south of the Opera House are two small playgrounds, not very good ones (only a couple of slides and swings), but good enough to encourage kids to “let’s walk to the playground” and bad enough to be able to leave it in a short while. Other type of entertainment offered are spotting trains on the other side of the bay, climbing trees and climbing the giant rock snake.


imageAlltogether we walked about 3 kms this afternoon before settling hungry and exhausted for one of the Thai restaurants in the Töölö area. There are many restaurants there, which makes the area an easy destination for an afternoon. Happy to say that the dinner was also a success: even the extremely picky eater had a descent meal and even though our kids were tired they behaved ok (only one knife thrown on the ground) and let us parents finish our meals without a rush. Our son even claimed a few new friendships (easy: he just told the other guests and staff members “you are my friend”).


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  3. Your Angelina Ballerina cracks me up! It’s good to expose the kids to more of something. The giant rock snake looks really fun!

  4. hahaha…I wish we adults could also learn from your son about making friends…”you are my friend!” 😀

    1. Simple, hey?! 🙂

  5. That looks like a great place to walk, have fun and enjoy for all ages. I’m glad my boy are good walkers too, a habit I hope will last their whole lives…and Thai food sounds sooo good right about now!

  6. Looks like a great walk 🙂 I like the giant rock snake 🙂 What did the kids have at the thai restaurant?

    1. Fried rice with peas, corn and shrimps and a fried egg on top of it all. And then they stole the cashews out of my dish. The staff was really great too (as I find Thai people normally are with kids): they clearly prepared the kids meal before it was our turn.

  7. Sounds like fun! Love your kids singing opera! Hehehehehe 🙂

    1. Not so great for my ears though 😉

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    3. Synes selv disse gamle bilene er flotte jeg, tenk pÃ¥ all den historien som gjemmer seg i setene pÃ¥ de….om de bare hadde kunnet fortalt de videre… :o)

  8. I love taking walks, so when z is happy walking with me it’s the best! This sounds like something she would love (so me too!). Especially the snow on the ground, it will be 35 degrees here and she will want to put on her rain coat and pretend there’s snow outside. I can’t let her do it for long though because she would probably get heat stroke. 🙂

    1. Small kids are amazing in the way that they really don’t think a weather sucks; the muddier/ rainier/ more snow, the better games. It’s us parents that sometimes have a problematic attitude 😉

      1. That’s true in most things I’ve found, not just the weather. 🙂

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