Tourist in Your Own Town: Sky or Skyline

There really is not a skyline to talk about in Helsinki but there is sky! The picture is taken from the female toilet at the Torni pub, worth a visit even if it only would be for the view (or to experience what it feels like to drop the pants in a bathroom with windows from the floor to the ceiling):


This picture has been published as a part of the monthly theme of Tourist in your Own Town by Canadian Travel Bugs. Her blog is worth a read anyway, especially if you are interested in an expat view of life in China (and travels around).


  1. Wall to wall to ceiling/floor windows? That would put a bit of a different spin on the experience!

    1. Only two walls are like that. Europe calling for you to come and experience it first hand!

      1. I’ve been thinking more about Europe now the kids are older. We lived in London for a few years so had our fill back then, but of course there’s always much more and it’s been a little while now. But there’s still an awful lot of Asia on our doorstep to see!

        1. I suppose Asia has a lot to offer… our lost 😉 But there’ll be time for a bit of variation during the next 20 years!

          (I fooled my husband to promise me that when we retire we’ll sell our stuff and get a camper van and then block all the roads travelling below speed limits exploring all the rest of the world still unseen by us)

  2. Oh my. I’m not sure about using that toilet but wow great shot!

    1. You wouldn’t be the first one only to admire the view 🙂

  3. Beautiful!
    There is a toilet like that in Chicago…freaks me out every time I go in there!

    1. It’s really weird, isn’t it?!

  4. Beautiful! I think I would want the glass to be a one way mirror not a window, hopefully no one could see in. 🙂

    1. Nobody can see you as you are so much higher than anything else but it still feels really odd to go when you see out (and when it is dark outside you can see your mirror image reflecting from the window)!

  5. I think I would have stage fright with windows all around 😉 WOW!
    Great take on the theme! Thanks also for particiapting. I don’t think anywhere can compare with the skyline in Shanghai. The interesting buildings are everywhere! I think they try to find the craziest ideas and then build it. As I set the theme I was just dreaming of warmer days and blue skies to chase away the Feb. blahs. Sky on its own is just perfect too.

    1. Haha, nobody can see you there but it feels really weird to go anyway!

      1. I will still think someone could see 😉

        1. Can’t blame you, it does feel creepy (and I suppose you can never be too sure a helicopter doesn’t fly past you…)

          1. LOL added pressure 😉

  6. A view from the toilet!! Imagine that! Lovely view!

    1. You may have come and take a look one day!

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