Liikuntahulinat, “Sports Hullabaloo”, in Maunula


I blogged about Liikuntahulinat in Myllypuro a few weeks ago. We had so much fun there, that my husband and son tried out the equivalent in Maunula last Saturday. The difference is that in Maunula this is offered only during March (and during a month last autumns) where as Myllypuro sports mornings go on for the whole spring.

My husband and son liked Maunula liikuntahulinat too! There sports morning was a bit smaller, there was e.g. no running track available but they had built a number of climbing and balancing tracks for kids, there were bikes, tunnels, jumping madrases and ballgames too. As it is closer to where we live, it also feels a bit more human to get there at 9am (or a bit later) on a weekend morning. So we are happy to go again!

The Liikuntahulinat in Maunula are in the liikuntahalli, an underground sports centre and bomb shelter, at Maunulanmäki 3-5. The whole family is welcome but the events are aimed for 2-8 year olds together with their parents on March Saturdays 9-10.30am. Be sure to have an exact amount of coins, 3e/adult, as there is an automate.




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  1. These look like lots of fun for the little ones! I love stuff like this.

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