Evening Story

My favourite time of the day is when I get to sit down and read an evening story (or few) for my children.

It is said to be good for a multilingual family to read a lot, but that’s not why I like it. I actually love the reading part: it’s nice to cuddle in, calm down after a usually hectic day, and now when especially the older one is able to listen to longer stories without plenty of pictures, it is quite nostalgic to read some of my old favourites from my childhood (like Vår egen lilla värld = Our own little world). I can’t wait until we get to some of the classics and other “bigger” books!!!

I’ve been always saying that I won’t be one of those parents who imposes their own dreams on their kids, but I definitely wish my kids will find the same love for books that I have!

What simple things do you love in your every day life? Is there something you enjoy and you wish your kids or friends also will discover the same pleasure?



  1. […] at least I stick to reading, every night. I’ve never been the one to save when it comes to books but buy them happily, ask for them […]

  2. […] thing we stick to, is our routine of a bedtime story. However, it is not just one bedtime story any more but three. We all choose one book or story, and […]

  3. […] take turns in reading the evening story, and use most nights at least 30 minutes reading and cuddling together. My husband obviously reads […]

  4. […] by easily by continuing to be lazy at some friends place, playing boardgames, reading quite a few books most often cuddled up in a bed, doing some art with hama pearls and then all of us were still happy to go early to […]

  5. I like reading to my kids too! I was hoping that they will still want me to read to them when they grow older. But I know this will stop soon, so I am enjoying every moment for as long as I can 🙂

    1. Have your older ones started to read to you already?

      1. Haha! Not really. They still enjoy me reading to them 🙂

  6. I’ve always loved reading, and today was a special day because P decided he could read books to himself on the bus! Not to deny the snuggle-factor, but there’s also the not-having-a-hyper-5yo-jumping-around-the-bus factor. Nicest bus ride I’ve had in years and it seems like yes, maybe I got the reading to catch on?

    1. Well done, B, sounds really good! (Hope P doesn’t get sick when reading on a bus though…)

      1. Yeah, I remember getting queasy after reading for too long in the car. But they’re usually not long enough trips for that.

  7. I loved cuddling up with Mr. T and reading at night! It was wonderful on so many levels! And even to this day, he loves to read, which just warms my heart! almost every Christmas he has a book (or a series of books) on his list! You can bet I buy them for him!

    1. I hope my kids will do the same in the future!

  8. reminds me of my childhood, when my dad used to tell me bedtime stories…and I believe, you don’t have to worry about your kids developing the love for books…they love emulating their parents, and before they know, they are hooked!! ( I am talking from experience…of being a kid!) 😀 🙂

    1. Tganks for the reassurance! You may be on to something, as my dad read to us fir ages too!

      1. Hehe…of course I am on to something! Who’s the one going around with the name of know-all here?? 😛

  9. We have been reading to z every night before bed since she was still unable to really listen and just wanted to chew on the books. 🙂
    She just started to want to read to us now, I love hearing the story in her little voice.

    1. She’s reading them to you? Awww!!!!

      1. Well she tells her own story (she can’t really read yet), but often times it follows the original pretty well.

        1. That is so cute!

  10. journey2dfuture · · Reply

    Reading before bed is some thing I need to start reinforcing. We do one cartoon before bed and books throughout the day. But your right books before bed might calm the atmosphere a little,

    1. I think it is a good way to wind down. And it’s a lovely cuddly evening routine that is easy to do everywhere!

  11. I totally agree, the night reading is still a favourite of mine. My hubby reads to our youngest while he snuggles in my lap…I may only have another year left, sadly

    1. But to me that’s good news: I may have quite a few years of stories left! Thanks!

  12. I look forward to reading “The Giver” and “The BFG” to my kiddos. Still probably a few years to go though…

    1. Good to hear I’m not tge only one with these aspirations!

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