Last Sunday we went to Arne Alligator’s concert, which was far from free, but heaps of fun. Our son danced until his legs buckled under him and our daughter has been talking for days now about how she got to give a hug to Arne as well. Even from an adult point of view, they put on a good show and I felt like joining the dancing kids (but restrained myself). All of this made me think of the free but fun concerts the summer typically comes with.

Fortunatelly not all concerts cost, so that everyone gets to enjoy music: there are various festivals and events for kids that often include some kids bands, but there is also some opportunities more in the adult taste: for example the concert organised by Radio Aalto on Helsinki day on June 12th featuring quite a few known Finnish bands and singers. It may pay off checking out the programme for the Helsinki Day even for other opportunities, when it is released. Another annual free festival with a lot of free programme is the World Village festival on May 24-25th. The Alpine Park (Alppipuisto) and the Espa Stage have also the previous summers had loads on the offer! Especially before kids, we also did on more than one occasion go to the Kaisaniemi park with our picnic and friends, and enjoyed the lovely background music of some of the “good but not great enough for me to pay to full ticket price” performers…  Oh yes, I am in the summer mood as the snow is almost gone (again) and the sun is shining!



  1. […] occasionally go to theatre and concerts both in Swedish and Finnish. Unfortunately English is a bit tricky to find […]

  2. […] time for flash cards initiated: we spread the capital letter cards all over the floor, put on some Arne music and danced. When the music stopped, we took the next card from the pile containing the numbers and […]

  3. I’m so glad you and the kids had fun, and I do love free concerts and events. We have several during the summer time, I think I’ll try and hit more this year!

    1. Cool! Who organises them there?

      1. Usually the city, but we have one neighborhood that puts on once a month concerts in the summer.

        1. What a great neighborhood, lucky you!

  4. Oh, you shouldn’t go around restraining yourself like that you know 🙂

    Love your little trick of listening for free unless you like the band a lot! Sounds like you’re really ready for summer!

    1. Oh, sooo ready for the sun 🙂 I suppose it would be more free fun for others too if I wouldn’t restrain myself sometimes… 😉

  5. Free concerts are almost always great! (Because, hey, they’re free!) 🙂

    1. Exactly! 🙂

  6. Looks like a fun! I love watching z dance 🙂 I always put on fun music just to see her run around and dance.

    1. Kids dancing is superb. I remember when miss A was about 1,5 yrs and would always get dads underwear (clean from the closet 😉 ) to hang around her neck when dancing. She had seen some islanders dancing with their flower neclesses…

  7. “’good but not great enough for me to pay to full ticket price’ performers…” So funny! This post is a great reminder to get out there and enjoy what’s on offer. (:

    1. Thanks! Hope there are good opportunities around you as well, I’ll be happy to read about them too!

      1. I actually just posted about a big day out we had last weekend to the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Unfortunately it was not free.(:

        1. Cool! Wonder why that didn’t come up in my reader? Will have to check that one out.

          I’ve been to the grand prix in Melbourne once, it was quite an experience!

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