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wpid-20131005_132128.jpgWhen I set this blog up, I decided to focus on four free but fun themes that are a natural part of my life.While blogging about these, I noticed one more theme arising somewhere in the area of finances and life style choices, so I’ve created a new page to give an overview on these thoughts: Saving and sustainability.

I guess I am a categorising person, as I’ve had the need to create overviews for the initial four themes too. Still thinking on the pages, so feedback is welcome. Here they are:

Activities,things you can do and enjoy no matter the location. I’ve made an index page with a few subgroups (e.g. children – adults). (A click on the pics will take you to a post too).

North Coast 1108_Stockton beach_jumping pics (14)cropped-1-11-brunch-with-penly-janica-keenan-bella-and-gia-4.jpgHammock

2. Crafts; my dear hobby, which has been easy to continue with kids and after their bedtime. Mostly pretty quick projects using up materials otherwise thrown away. Probably doesn’t need more introduction as those posts and the page has been shared in Facebook crafts groups and Pinterest frequently – thanks for sharing!


3. Helsinki: well, I live here and when I started,  I was a still a SAHM who had time to get around and enjoy the different opportunities. When abroad, I always get the comments on how expensive the north of Europe is (it is!) but I’ve found a lot that one can do for free here too (the page Free in Helsinki will give you an overview). And then there are those things not quite free but pretty affordable anyway to be found via the category Helsinki. Some reviews on annual and upcoming events can be found here.

P1000925wpid-20140202_093649.jpgwpid-20131208_143514.jpg4. Travelling has been a passion of mine since I was young (even though we’ve stayed a bit too put for me lately), so it was natural for me to add the free/ affordable angle of travels to the blog. You are welcome to share your tips too!

IMG_2656IMG_8334Cape Reinga



  1. The new page definitely fits in with your blog! Everything that Mumsumsum said!

    And, you’ve just given me an idea for a new pinterest board! I’ve only just joined pinterest, so haven’t got far with it yet, but I can think of a couple of your posts to pin already!

    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      Looks pretty good, your pinterest page! I have never really looked into it…

      1. I just started recently, because I realised I had all these sites bookmarked anyway and although some fit into a blog post, not all did, so I might as well keep them somewhere like pinterest and then they’re shared with anyone who’s also interested.

        1. Where is the “like” button for comments?! 🙂

          1. 🙂 Actually, I’ve seen blogs with that feature. Not sure if there’s a theme with it, though… never checked!

  2. So organised. Sigh. Mine is 130 posts you have to scroll through!

    1. …or just google the weirdest things..? 😉 Sorry, just find some of those search terms you’ve mentioned sooooo funny :).

      Funny though, just today I was the laughing stock at work because of my “organised” desk. One can’t win them all…

      1. They won’t be laughing when they can’t find anything!

        1. There are worse destinies than having to read through all your posts 🙂

          1. Not if you’re a Latvian with no sense of humour 😉

  3. Very organized and easy to navigate. Makes me think I should make mine a bit easier to navigate too. 🙂

    1. Thanks!
      I did like your blog from the very first start though, as I thought I could quickly grasp the idea behind it and even read up on passed things. Even your intro is short but describing!

      1. Aww thanks FBF! I really appreciate the feedback!

  4. I love all of the different pages and set up! And, while I’m not in Helsinki, I’ve loved that you have inspired me to find local free things in my area!

    1. Wow, that is the best part of it, isn’t it?! I love it when you and some other get back to me and tell about the opportunities in your area too, that is so inspiring!

  5. I love it. I really like a well organized blog!

    1. Cool, thank you!

      I really like being able to get an idea of the dimensions of a blog when I stumble on a new one, so means a world to me to hear mine can be called organised.

  6. Oh, how nice, neat and tidy 🙂

    I should re-organise my blog…

    1. Thanks!
      I really like your categories though, you have so many of them that they quickly give an overview on what you are writing about. The language learning and language matters got me hooked immediately, and then I found loads of other interesting posts too!

      1. Thanks for your feedback on this… I think I need to zap a couple of ‘dead’ categories, though.

  7. I think the new page is a good addition. It extends on the attitude I love in your blog, that having fun is more about how you think about it than what you spend on it. (:

    1. Wow, you really summerised my thoughts, mumsumsum! I am extremely happy to here that you can read the attitude in the blog. Thank you!

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