Toilet Paper Roll Eggcups

Die Eltern gave me once again a great idea for crafts: Making eggcups for the Easter! Something useful for the Easter table, doesn’t everyone eat eggs for Easter?

First we covered the roll by gluing either decorated or coloured paper on. My daughter even used some of the reflective fabric that was left over after making the little reflectors to be sent with the Christmas cards. After that they got to choose a maximum of two styles per roll to decorate them with (my kids are very creative but sometimes really don’t know when to stop…): we had some animal stickers, tiny bits of coloured paper, glitter glue, cotton pompoms and pipe cleaners to choose from. I think they turn out pretty cool, and the roll really is a perfect size for the eggs.

In Die Eltern (04/2014 p. 131) they had a more advanced alternative: there they had also used the eggs, the egg was the head for the animal where the toilet roll was the body. They had a frog, chicken, bunny and a couple of cows. The eggs and the rolls was painted, and then the animal features and decorative spots/ stripes had also been glued on. For example so that the frog had legs cut out of green paper and glued on the roll, the bunny got ears from pipe cleaners attached to the egg head, the dark yellow painted chicken egg sat on a yellow toilet roll with  darker decorative spots and yellow feathers in the back, and the cows had the spots on the egg and the roll.


Go here to find another crafts idea for Easter and here to find other ideas for toilet paper rolls


  1. I love these 🙂 Do they hold the egg good?

    1. Yes, seems to. Haven’t tried eating out of them yet though. I’ll let you know after the Easter 😉

  2. I’ll be putting this on my to-do list for the school holidays. Thanks for sharing. (:

    1. You are welcome 🙂

  3. That looks like so much fun! I may see if I can find some rolls, tonight my family is getting together to color eggs and do our own Easter celebration (as it’s the only weekend we all had free!) My 3 yr old nephew might sit still for 5 minutes decoration an egg holder!

    1. It might work: even my younger one made 3 in one go! The idea is simple enough, and there is enough to do without assistance to keep the focus. Let me know how it worked out!

  4. Where were you when I had little kids!? I use to freak out with all the crafty stuff and you make it look easy…this is a great idea

    1. Thank you! However, most of the ideas are not mine, I’m just good at spotting them elsewhere and my åatience is only good for the simple quick and practical ones 🙂

  5. Don’t you love how kids use all their ideas at once, on the same piece?

    1. …and nothing is finished until the last drop of glue is used? *cute*

      1. Oh, yes! That one, too. And you try to tell them it’s *totally ok* to save something for another time, but…

        1. ..about the same as trying to say it is *totally ok* to save lollies for later too 🙂

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