Misty in Budapest

Ailsa’s travel theme this week was misty, which reminded me of Budapest or more exactly our visit to a sculpture park outside of Budapest. If I recall correctly, that was where they had removed all the communist statues. All the mist and the frost on the ground made the visit feel unreal:


There was mist in Budapest too:


Budapest is one of my favourite travel destinations in the former East Europe. It is beautiful, it has character, there is one of the best (or most horrible really) museums I’ve been to (The House of Terror, history well presented though), people are friendly (but not too friendly 😉 ). It is affordable and there is enough to do and to see for, say, a long weekend. If we had had more time, we’d have next visited some of the nearby villages. Next time!


  1. […] shoot me for saying this! :)). Some of my favourites on the list are Lisbon, Sydney, and Budapest. St Petersburg sure is interesting too. Of the ones on the list I haven’t been to I am […]

  2. These are really some gorgeous photos!! I think, walking in the mist is really such a….calming experience! 🙂

    1. Even a simple camera with a poor photographer can sometimes pass on an atmosphere, huh?!

  3. I think misty is a fab was to see a sculpture park, the photos look wonderful!

  4. House of terror! You can’t just throw that out there and not say more…

    1. It was the house where first KGB and then Stasi (or was it Gestapo?) had there headquarters in Budapest. It portrays two bloody periods in the Hungarian history but also shows respect to “the memory of those held captive, tortured and killed in the building”. Some claim it shows Hungarians too much as victims. I didn’t think so, I think it presented the history well even to somebody who didn’t know Hungarian, and also showed incredible courage of people who fought for their independence even when facing inhuman cruelty. Here’s their homepage: http://www.terrorhaza.hu/en/museum/first_page.html

  5. beautiful pictures! Looks like an awesome time!

  6. Lovely pictures!

  7. Gosh! Some of those sculptures are amazing. It looks so creepy with all that mist.

    1. It was! I think it is a great idea too to put all the statues into one place, preserve the history that way but at the same time enable new developments in the city!

  8. Cool photos, very surreal 🙂

    1. Surreal is the word!

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