Virtual Boot Camp

I think this is the perfect theme for a post right before all the chocolate eggs:

imageI won a free virtual 8 week boot camp on Penang Momma’s blog. Penang Momma, that is Laurel, an expat to Penang, introduces the culture and gives loads of useful tips for those travelling to the area or to people like me, who find different cultures fascinating and enjoy an entertaining read.

Ever since the give-away Karen at OnBalance has been sending me the exercise programme three times a week to my email. I was a bit skeptical about this virtual boot camp thing, I am good at being lazy at home so I thought it wouldn’t be that efficient for me. But I decided to give it a go.

Then, as soon as I started, I came down with a cold. This time I didn’t do the same as my years of sweat, I felt so tired that I actually rested. That probably was a good thing, as it started to annoy me that I was given this chance and I wasn’t even trying it (=building up a fierce motivation).

So, after I’ve gotten better, I have started to follow the routines. I find the programme easy to follow, already the written instructions are very clear but Karen also links to videos where she shows what to do. Also, she, at least so far, has only used equipment most people would have at home. She has also sent some extras that one can easily fit in a busy schedule like an extra 10 minute cardio training. All in all, I find these exercise routines easy to do at home and they really make my muscles ache!

I still have some catching up to do but that is something I like about this: I can actually do exercise when it suits me, the programme sustains in my email. I didn’t loose the giveaway even though I was sick. I’m gotten so motivated that I’m thinking of repeating this 8 week programme as I wonder if I can notice a change.

I wouldn’t swap exercising completely to virtual programmes, I like having an instructor encourage me to do even more, but this experience has made me think that this is a good complement. It’s so easy to find the time for it too when I can do it always when our kids are in bed regardless of my husbands programme. Maybe, when I’m done with this programme, I need to take another look on what is available online.

Have you exercised to online routines? How did you find them? Anything you can recommend?

P.S. Nobody has asked me to write this post, the give-away just opened a new range of free but fun activities for me which I wanted to write about.



  1. […] and got a habit of doing something most nights after I put kids to bed. I even participated in a virtual boot camp by Karen at OnBalance. The support and reminders in the fb group where great in getting a […]

  2. So glad you’re enjoying Balance Virtual Bootcamp. And really glad you’re feeling better again!!

    1. Thanks, muscle ache is a lovely feeling when it comes from workout 🙂

  3. is a great site for full-length video workouts of every variety. This site has been a lifesaver for me for days I can’t make it to a gym, am in a hotel, or what have you. You can select workouts based on what equipment you have/don’t have – or style; high impact/low impact. I love it! (And it’s free!).

    1. Cool, sounds perfect! Thank you for the tip, I’ll definitely get to know that site.

      1. With pleasure!

  4. I use online and DVD’s, when we were having such a cold winter, I found some “walking” routines on line that helped get me moving. I love the idea of the stuff being emailed to you – what a great contest to win!

    1. Yeah, I feel lucky! And now I’m getting flash backs of Jane Fonda and videos that we used to do aerobics to 😉 there must be so much more around now!

  5. Good on you for giving it a go. I tried to do yoga with my ex teachers videos but I much prefer a class as I like the encouragement from others. Now I feel like I need to go for that run I was putting off!

    1. There definitively is a difference in working out on your own or in a class. But somehow I really enjoy the way the workouts make me feel, and there is no way I’d be able to go to a class everyday. So this seems to work for me for now. Good for you for going on the run!

  6. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Thanks, I will (at least for now 😉 )

  7. I predict you’ll notice a difference. I did a five-minute workout routine from a magazine once (must do that again) every lunch hour using nothing but two 500ml bottles of drinking water. It wasn’t hard work but it just toned up some postural muscles that were otherwise getting neglected and worked some kinks out for the afternoon – big help! And latest studies are proving that little bits do help, so it’s all good.

    No online suggestions though. You’ll have to share the follow up!

    1. So what muscles did you tone with the water bottles? Sounds like a fun exercise!

      I’ll let you know how it goes.

      1. Arm and leg muscles, but also core muscles (abdomen, etc). It was basically some lunges, some biceps curls, that kind of thing, and then a few sit-ups. Very basic but there were about four different ones to do, you did five each and then a second/etc round.

        Good luck and look forward to hearing the update!

  8. I have never done anything like the boot camp you are using, but I used to use our xbox kinect all the time to work out. It had some great workout programs. 🙂

    1. That’s a good idea!

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