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Biology for Toddlers

It never seizes to amaze me how excited toddlers can get when you tell them something about the nature. They really have taught me to pay attention to details again! A summer house in the archipelago offers a great opportunity to explore the nature, which also seems to be a good way of making short […]

Entertainment on a Bus

You know the old song starting “there’s an old Australian stockman, lying, dying…”? It actually gets pretty entertaining when your kids sing it out loud in the bus and before the refrain shout loud “all together now”. First some adorable teenage boys join them to “tie me kangaroo down, mate, tie me kangaroo down” until […]


Everyone knows Munich, or at the very least October fest, but even though I’ve been to most places in Germany, this was my first time in Munich. And I want to go back! You may also read about Anna’s five our fling with Munich with lovely colourful pictures. I didn’t realise that these costumes are still […]

Signs of the Newly Arrived Summer

1. To enjoy the (early) morning tea on the yard, wearing just a t-shirt 2. Smell of freshly mowed lawn (and grass growing faster than you can blink) 3. Spotting butterflies and  dragonflies (and Willbe the bumblebee). What else?

World Village Festival

After the flee market picnic and nap yesterday we were about to head to Kumpula but realised their programme finished at 3pm. So I checked the programme at the festival celebrating diversity and humanity. They had a play for kids on that sounded good so we headed to Kaisaniemi. It was soooo crowded, the weather […]

Pop up Flee Markets in Käpylä

The day of little pop up fleemarkets all over Helsinki was here again. Almost 30 degrees meant loads of people out and about and that was lucky for us as this time we wanted to get some more space in our closets too. We went to my favourite kiosk in town, the random but very affordable Käpylän […]

Summer on Taivaskallio

Crash boom bang the summer is here with all that it’s worth! And in these latitudes you better enjoy it while it lasts. I’ll get back to Munich as well as a free but fun summer when I get time off from the sun (and work, oh why does a person have to work when […]

Holiday in South Germany

Me and some girls I studied with surprised a friend of ours with a hens night last weekend (I mentioned the plan earlier). She lives in the Allgäu district about 1,5 hours drive southwest of Munich and close to the Austrian border. The area really is worth a visit to anyone who loves cute houses […]

25 Cities to Visit

Trip Advisor experts compiled a list of 25 cities to visit on Distractify, would you agree? Which 25 cities would be on your list and why? Which “must see” city is missing? I’ll get back to tell you mine after I’ve been to another city that is not included on that list (and no, Tampere […]

Playground and Free Gym in Central Tampere

Pikku kakkonen (=children’s tv programme) playground and outdoor gym by Tammerkoski in central Tampere is a great meeting point for families. I thought it was a good idea to offer activity to both kids and parents in the same area (only a cafe could be added). But all services and good picnic tables are nearby. […]


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