Spring signs 3

I was happy to find that some chives I threw in a corner of the yard last year had grown. Fresh own chives in a sallad = spring!


Trees turning green, and an exciting adventure for kids to “eat the nature”, that is, birch leaves (not that they taste good nor that I’d recommend too much of those in the middle of Helsinki… but almost like survivor, huh?!)


Last but not least, hail on May 2nd. Hardly surprising that the younger members thought this was more fun than the older ones.




  1. […] lesson, then there was the magic of the flowers pushing through a greyish ground, and of course trees turning green as well getting some forgotten herbs from the own […]

  2. Yum! Happy cooking – I definitely miss fresh garden veggies.

    1. It’s yummy, I look forward to getting a bigger variety!

  3. Really nice photos, Spring signs but still snow 😦

    1. Such a weird combination!

      1. This is the Nature’s power!! 🙂

  4. I love the chives homegrown and hail? It was beautiful and sunny here a week or so ago and now we gave spring showers…lots of them, just no hail 🙂

    1. Pretty weird to have chives and hail in the same sentence… but the weather is changing a lot here too, one day 20 and sunny, next morning frost on the ground. Crazy.

  5. Hail! Well, at least it didn’t ruin your flowers.

    I like the survival eating 🙂 Self-grown chives totally count on that front, by the way.

    1. Looks weird though with flowers in the middle of the white layer. Lucky the hails melted in a few minutes (and lucky hadn’t put basil etc down yet. Wouldn’t gave liked the hail that much)

      1. No I guess not. The basil don’t like the heat and humidity here, either, which I think is a pretty big stretch because isn’t it hot and humid where they come from?

        1. Ummm… where do they come originally from? (Don’t tell me I’ve missed out on common knowledge again…) but I would have thought you’d be surrounded by basil over there!

          1. Thai basil does well. I’ve always thought basil comes from the mediterranean region but now I come to think of it I’m not sure where I got that information. It crinkles up pretty rapidly here, except for the Thai variety.

            1. Sounds like a reasonable guess to me!

  6. You eat birch leaves…? I may have to send you a food parcel…!

    1. Haha, red cross rice and flour, please…? 😉

  7. LOL! Your weather is like ours – totally out of whack this Spring! Love the surprise chives! I’m hoping that my pepper plants go well this season and I want to start expanding next season, I love eating what I grow. I have a rosemary bush right outside the back door that I’m always going to clip and use!

    1. I love having fresh herbs in the summer but only a few survive the winter on our yard, chives is always a winner! Rosemary is delicious, need to get a new plant of that!

  8. That salad looks so fresh and yummy. Rocks that you used ingredients you grew yourself!

    1. It does, doesn’t it?!

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