Sock Hobby Horse in 10 min

My younger one needed distraction,  so we took one of dad’s socks and turned it into this:



First we filled the old sock with cotton from an old sofa cushion, then I cut eyes, ears and tongue out of hobby fabric and my son glued them on. The stick is from a broken broom and the reins from a broken handbag. Voilà!

Most likely the quality is so bad that the horse will not make it till tomorrow in the hands of the eager riders. But who cares, even my hubby had to admit that not throwing away everything sometimes pays off.

Ps. I realised how simple it would be to make a hobby horse when we visited the toy museum in Espoo.
Do you have other tips about simple toys today’s kids would love from the old days?

P.S. #2: Do you think hubby will dare to have another sleep in with anything more valuable lying around than a sock with such a creative family ;)?


  1. Love it!! You are so good at finding such creative things to do when the kids are struggling with boredom!! I think it looks so cute, and even if it doesn’t last long, I bet some fun rides happened!! What great memories you are building in your family!

    1. What a lovely comment 🙂 I sure hope to live the life in a way that we have happy memories in our rocking chairs!

  2. I am yet again impressed with your creativity. Such a cute idea!

    1. Thanks! I suppose the idea is not so practical for you though, you can’t have that many socks lying around… 😉

      1. That’s true. I have one pair! Although while being back in California I have had to buy a couple more pairs. 🙂

  3. Nomibug · · Reply

    Ha ha, love him…best idea ever!

  4. Just imagining your hubby walking into work in his pants cos you’ve used everything else in some creative endeavour! 😉

    1. Haha, I have actually once cut off his jeans too!
      (But I did ask him first, and kiwis like their shorts anyway 😉 )

      1. They do 😉 In Kiwi weather though!

        1. …you mean the weather doesn’t come with the clothes?! Darn, that must be why he thinks this country is often cold 😉

          1. Poor man must be half frozen 😉

            1. …but happy 😉 and entertaining!

  5. That’s fantastic. And! Correct me if I’m wrong – but you could use a pair of socks (one inside the other) without destroying them, in case you wanted to wear them again. Or have I got that wrong?

    1. The face would be tricky if you wanted to not-destroy things, I guess.

    2. I suppose one could attach the eyes etc with a few stitches instead of glue, and then the socks would be still usable? Didn’t think of that before. ..

  6. OMG, that is the cutest sock hobby horses I have seen!

  7. Adorable 😉

  8. That is soooooo cute 🙂 and pretty creative! I’m pressed 🙂

    1. A good way of getting rid of stuff too, making one out of 3-4 items? 😉

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