Playground and Free Gym in Central Tampere

Pikku kakkonen (=children’s tv programme) playground and outdoor gym by Tammerkoski in central Tampere is a great meeting point for families. I thought it was a good idea to offer activity to both kids and parents in the same area (only a cafe could be added). But all services and good picnic tables are nearby.





Ps I took the pics at about 6.30am; there are actually people in this city and they are using the facilities fairly often.



  1. […] without a good excuse. But if 2 hours is ok, then driving 2 hours to the north to Tampere (here for families) or two ours two the west to Turku would be good options too. Kotka is about as far to […]

  2. I can’t get over how clean it is! Looks wonderful

    1. It really was tidy, I didn’t think of it until you mention it. Wonder if Tampere is usually that clean or if they had just done their spring cleaning…?!

  3. Jenna · · Reply

    Whenever I see playgrounds, I flash back to a parkour champ using a children’s playground as a workout area, and then I feel lazy because I kind of just want to play on the swings 🙂

    1. You do parkour too?! You are a multitalent! …and there is nothing wrong with swinging 🙂

      1. Jenna · · Reply

        Oh…. No I definitely don’t do parkour. Only in my head am I a Ninja Warrior.

  4. Gotta love a playground with a cafe 🙂 .

    1. There is a great one in Wellington 🙂

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