Holiday in South Germany

Me and some girls I studied with surprised a friend of ours with a hens night last weekend (I mentioned the plan earlier). She lives in the Allgäu district about 1,5 hours drive southwest of Munich and close to the Austrian border. The area really is worth a visit to anyone who loves cute houses in small towns and clean nature!




We stayed a night in Pfronten, about 1000 meters above the sea level, and woke up to this view:


The Bavaria hotel was superb and well worth the money, especially after they upgraded us to huge family rooms. They also offered an excellent breakfast.


Pfronten has only about 8000 inhabitants but still offers all basic services. There is also a number of those lovely cosy German biergartens that are so typical over there. The cost of food and drinks are just enjoyable for a North European…


If the view in the towns is not enough, it is easy to get up the mountains. Only for a few euros we caught a lift up in Nesselwand and enjoyed the views walking down. One could have also opted to ride down on a luge or to try the biggest flying fox I’ve seen… obviously there are great slopes here in the winter.





As much as I loved the area, I wouldn’t put Pfronten on my “25 cities to visit list” (see my last post) as it really is just a country town but I imagine it would be pretty high up on my list for holidays spent in an area with beautiful nature. As for the list, one European city that really should have been on the list is Krakow. If you ask me, it should be higher up than Prague, Berlin, Paris and London (please don’t shoot me for saying this! :)). Some of my favourites on the list are Lisbon, Sydney, and BudapestSt Petersburg sure is interesting too. Of the ones on the list I haven’t been to I am hoping to visit at least San Fransisco, New York and Istanbul. But when going through the list I realised that many of the cities I’ve really liked may not be that known or have super famous sights but rather great atmosphere like Faros in Portugal, Cádiz in Spain, Raglan in New Zealand. I also  really liked the small towns in Greece that Bakeritalia mentioned in the comments.


  1. […] have almost paid the price for the breakfast alone, which was even better than the one we had in Pfronten! There are aspects I miss about […]

  2. You know, there’s a lot to be said for all those cities, but I really like this type of little country town. They might not do much for your checklists of places I’ve been (or, as I found out when I joined trip advisor last week, your profile map) but they have some of my fondest memories.

    1. I so agree!
      I had to log into trip advisor to give a review on the hotel we stayed in Munich, it had an even better breakky than the one in Pfronten. It was DIVINE!!! And what can go wrong with such a start on a day? So I had to share the good news 😉 More about Munich later, I may have to catch up on a few blogs first!

      1. Sounds good! I’ll be waiting to hear.

  3. That must be a good surprise! I can imagine how happy your friend will be. This place certainly looks beautiful. The flying fox view (if you do look down) must be amazing! I think anywhere mountainous will look attractive whole year round, regardless summer or winter, isn’t it?

    1. She was totally surprise and stunned to have all of us there at once. I think the alps are mostly attractive but of course they have they fair share of bad weather too, and I wouldn’t recommend going up then.

  4. What beautiful scenery! I am totally a city girl, and though I would love to visit a country area like this, I could probably only do it for a weekend.
    I agree with you about Lisbon and Budapest. I have yet to check out
    Krakow, I will have to put it on our list.

    1. But that was the beauty of it, it was only 1,5 hours drive (well, to be honest, 3 hours drive with 4 blonds in one car… 😉 ) from Munich, which I definitively will return to with more time. I really liked Munich too!

  5. Aw, this is close to home… I do miss it sometimes. And yes to German breakfasts! The Spanish could learn a lot… sigh.

    1. You are from the region?! Lucky you, you’ll always have a beautiful area to go home to!!

      Have to say the hotel breakkies I’ve enjoyed in the north of the country have been good but not as good as the one s we had now in Bavaria. I even had to log into trip advisor to give a good review on the breakfast buffet in Hotel Wallis in Munich, it was even better than the one in Pfronten, it was just DIVINE!

    2. Oh, and of course there were plenty of cakes too 🙂

      1. Absolutely. Southern Germany/Austria does those very, very well indeed 🙂

  6. Looks like so much fun! My dad went to Germany a few years ago for business and he said “I don’t know why I bothered to rent a car, they don’t drive over there, by the time I got the car out of the hotel garage I could have walked the distance!” So I was tickled to read your suggestion of walling back down the mountain. Yeah, I’m too American for that! Lol.

    1. “Too American”… LOL :D.
      Lucky you, there was the luge, lift and the cable car to use to get down too 🙂 But it was only a 30minute walk for us, we unfortunately didn’t have time for a proper hike.

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