Summer on Taivaskallio

Crash boom bang the summer is here with all that it’s worth! And in these latitudes you better enjoy it while it lasts. I’ll get back to Munich as well as a free but fun summer when I get time off from the sun (and work, oh why does a person have to work when the weather is soo lovely? ;)) but in the meanwhile: A good place to hang out on a summer evening in Helsinki is Taivaskallio (=”sky hill”) in Käpylä. The remains of canons from the 40’s, sun and breeze, a pond and green views as well as very easy to reach. The pics are taken around 8pm.





P.S. Is there anything more likely to bring tears in a mums eyes than daycare spring celebration? Awww, I had a circus dog and an elephant performing on the stage!


  1. […] up with friends in a low key manner, so first we went up the always lovely but this time very icy Sky Hill in Käpylä, and then participated at the free Circus workshop at Park […]

  2. […] located with a lawn for the kids to play in and a school yard right next to. It is right below the “sky hill” I recently blogged about. Our strategy was to go there with some friends, play and enjoy the sun, […]

  3. The fact that the photos were taken around 8pm make that more beautiful! Enjoy

    1. It is pretty wonderful! My husband used to go out to take pics without the flash during the summer nights when we first arrived, just because he could. The light is quite different though, so the pics turned out interesting. Free but fun 😉

  4. A circus dog and an elephant??!

    1. And very cute ones too 🙂

  5. Hurrah for summer also! It’s going to be 28 here today and tomorrow! And it’s BEER FEST tomorrow 🙂

    1. oooohh, BEER FEST!!!!

      I just heard that our work place is closing down at 2pm due to too hot inside air. I don’t mind if I have time to hit the terasses… 😉

      1. Nice! I’m going to do the same myself in around an hour! Bit of soakage first though 😉

  6. Hooray for summer! It’s finally here! What are the normal summer temperatures there? Here is Northern California, it varies from 16-28 degrees in a day.

    1. Really, I though even northern California would be hotter! How long is the summer season there?

      I’d say our summer temperatures vary between 15 and 30 degrees in general, rarely during the same day that much though. Most of the time 18-25 degrees maybe? And there is always a few days above 30 too. It’s time for ice cream today!

      1. Summer lasts from about June to September. Although often it remains really warm until November.

        1. Warm in Nov sounds divine!

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