Pop up Flee Markets in Käpylä

The day of little pop up fleemarkets all over Helsinki was here again. Almost 30 degrees meant loads of people out and about and that was lucky for us as this time we wanted to get some more space in our closets too. We went to my favourite kiosk in town, the random but very affordable Käpylän kiska that spreads good mood (like it on fb to find out the open hours. Usually it is open if the weather is nice). It is a common place for flee markets and chilling in the summer anyway, nicely located with a lawn for the kids to play in and a school yard right next to. It is right below the “sky hill” I recently blogged about. Our strategy was to go there with some friends, play and enjoy the sun, have a picnic and be happy if we sell some stuff on the side too. The plan worked out nicely, and after a nap at home we’ll still have time to hit one of the other annual events concurring today such as the Kumpula village fiesta (Kumpulan kyläjuhlat), the World Village Festival in Kaisaniemi or the crafts fair in Kamppi. Unless we decide to do something else and leave some of the free but fun events for tomorrow. Or next year.

For me the weekend contains a lot of the best free but fun things in the summer: friends, picnic, sun, free events with entertainment and being able to be spontaneous. What are the best things of your affordable summer?

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  1. We have summer whole year round. Best part is probably when the weather is not too hot and not raining either with cool breeze. Our favourite is probably enjoying the beach on a relax afternoon, which of course free too 🙂 Do you have easily accessible beaches?

    1. That’s the good part with Singapore though: it is pretty easy to know what to pack if you go there. Here you can never know for sure…;)

      Helsinki is on the shore so there are a far amount of beaches around here. Our closest one is 1,5-2kms by a river, not a great beach but it does the work if one doesn’t want to go further. There are better beaches on the islands or e.g. Vuosaari (I’ve blogged about that suburb) which is “far” but still to be reached with public transportation within an hour from our place.

      1. That’s good enough to have a beach nearby. It seems that where you stay is rather centralized to be easily accessible to many fun places.

        1. Yes, but then we only have 5 million people in the country, so mostly there are no people nor traffic in the way (+pretty good public transport) 🙂

          1. Wow! I never knew the population in Finland is the same as Singapore! We are so crowded compare to your place!

            1. There is a fair bir of space and forest here 😀 I think 2/3 of the population lives in most southern 1/3 of the country though (and about 1 million in the capital area). I was quite surprised to see there is nature in Singapore, didn’t think it would fit but everything is so organised there that you lucky people get it all!

  2. It looks so summery there! I love flea markets and a pop up version sounds ideal, especially if there is a big lawn around and a picnic hamper packed for a lazy, fun afternoon with family and friends.

    1. It IS summary now, it’s been around 30 degrees for the last few days. After some rain last week and now the sun everything is green and growing! I Love it!

  3. Oh my goodness, has it been a whole year already? Wow.

    Also wow to your very full-sounding day. I know you make it seem all casual, but you did manage to fit a fair bit in!

    1. I think I blogged about the last cleaning day last autumn? I think it’s kept twice a year? Still, time flies!

      And yes, yesterday was busy even with all the fun and casual parts. On top of it my second cousin who lives 4 hours drive away, came for the night, she was selling at the crafts fair. So late to bed, and too early up again! However, we headed for an outdoor pool already in the morning, so we’ve had a full doze of summer this weekend!

      1. Wow, yes, definitely.

        Ah, I see – the last one was autumn. That’s slightly better – although definitely still time flying.

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