World Village Festival

After the flee market picnic and nap yesterday we were about to head to Kumpula but realised their programme finished at 3pm. So I checked the programme at the festival celebrating diversity and humanity. They had a play for kids on that sounded good so we headed to Kaisaniemi. It was soooo crowded, the weather must have helped the organisators to a huge success.



They have huge abundance of ethnic food for sale there for a good festival price but also loads of voluntary organisations presenting their work and opportunities. Some of them offered very child friendly activities:



The last picture is from a race were kids moved the vehicles by pedaling with their hands.

But there is also loads of artists performing, bands, musicians, dance, and plays. My daughter was quite fascinated by taiji but the kids play in the tent Tenava Timbuktu (next to the big fountain in Kaisaniemi) was pretty entertaining. And educational: to fit the festival theme it showed how kids can connect and play together even though they are different and lack a common language. The festival is on today too, so there is still time to participate!


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  3. You have so many activities happening there. Do you usually have to travel far to these places? Or these are like happening in the neighbourhood? It surely looks rockin fun!

    1. Christy – I’m always jealous of all of the activities, carnivals and festivals, too!

      1. Kate, let’s move to Finland 😛

          1. Haha, welcome! You know you have a place to crach in to get started! 🙂

    2. Most of the ones we’ve been to have been within Helsinki, this festival was 6-7 kms from our home 😉 There is a lot going on, and even more in the summer season. The summer is just cramped with opportunities, one can not seize all the opportunities in one summer!

  4. Free and loads of fun! You must of been exhausted by the end of the day…

    1. yep, exhausted but happy 🙂 My second cousin came for the night after a full day selling at the crafts fair, so we were exhausted together into the wee hours… But a morning swim at an outdoor pool definitively was the way to wake up.

      1. A morning swim sounds wonderful! It’s 25 and raining in Florence…however, 27 and sunny yesterday 🙂

        1. We’ll get the rain soon – and more growing grass to mow 😉

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