Signs of the Newly Arrived Summer

1. To enjoy the (early) morning tea on the yard, wearing just a t-shirt

2. Smell of freshly mowed lawn (and grass growing faster than you can blink)

3. Spotting butterflies and  dragonflies (and Willbe the bumblebee).

What else?


  1. Gecko in the garden. Beetles in the trees. Humming of the cicada. 🙂

    1. I’d love to see a gekko in our garden too 🙂

      1. 🙂 4 year old catches them and keeps them in the house for a couple of days and then lets them back out again. We’ve had a few incidences of them getting out of their tank; I like geckos, but not when they are running freely in my house!!!

  2. The tinge of sunburn on shoulders because we didn’t reapply sunscreen enough! Warm enough to actually get in the lake water on a long holiday weekend!
    I’m ready for summer! 🙂

    1. A tinge of sunburn sounds good! I’m pretty good at skipping the “tinge” part thought and just going with “madly red” 😀

      Swimming in lakes is wonderful! Hoping to do that this summer but there are not too many lakes quite close by in Helsinki (and the Baltic Sea sure is not warm enough for me yet!)

  3. For people living in 4 seasons continent probably love summer time! Many of these people who come to Singapore loves our hot weather while we look to 4 seasons in envy. I am sure you have many summer activities in Finland coming up, look forward to reading those 🙂

    1. I love the summer but I also love the variation :). I don’t love the dark and wet and miserable period at the end of autumn/ beginning of the winter though!

  4. Tanned skin, sweaty Latvians (they don’t cope well with hot weather) and full terraces! Our summer is disappearing again tomorrow though – yours? We’re going to have a drop of at least 15 degrees from a few days ago 😦

    1. We have a bunch of older people complaining about the heat too – and then most travel south to get more hot days, clever… we’ll have a similar drop in the temperature to look forward to, but not until Thursday, which of course is a public holiday and long weekend….

      1. Oh nice! Lucky you! Well, with the long weekend, not the weather!

  5. Flowers!
    Cold beer on a hot day!
    Watching my skin turn from pasty white to pinkish red and then finally to a golden tan. 🙂

    1. Good ones! I am a bit jealous of you for your golden tan though, I usually get stuck with the “red as a boiled crab” look if i even try 😉

      1. oh, trust me, it takes a loooong time. I am presently in the angry-red-mode. Looks more painful than it is, thankfully.

        1. Lucky it’s not painful then, the nights are aweful then!

  6. Yes, yes, yes! All of these things are AMAZING! Hooray for warm, sunny, summer days!
    I would add being able to enjoy the warm evenings on our porch, and all the fresh fruit that comes with the warmer weather here in California.

    1. Oh yesssss, the warm summer nights (with a bice cold beer or a little port). Bliss. Great addition!

  7. Freshly-mown grass is one of the best smells. Especially since it means you don’t have to mow the grass again for at least several days.

    1. …in your part of the world – here when it starts to grow you may actually have to mow it several times a week (obviously slowing down towards the end of the summer). It must have need to catch up after the winter!

      1. It must! Or maybe it’s different species. When we did our garden in Brisbane one of the first things everybody thought should be top of the list in terms of grass choice was “does not have to be mown that often”. We were advised to choose species which, instead of growing up, sort of tangle together instead.

        1. Really?! I’m so not good with gardening, didn’t even know there is different type of grass!! I’ll look into this, thanks for the tip!

          1. Nor did I until we had to put our lawn back after the builders had been through!

  8. How hot can the temperature get during the summer in Finland?

    1. I think the record is about 35 but the norm for a hot day is above 25 hitting 30 only on isolated days.

      1. Above 25 below 30 is just perfect:) 35 is almost like in Singapore, but I guess it’s not humid there?

        1. I agree, 25-30 is great! And you are right, Singapore is much more humid.

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