Everyone knows Munich, or at the very least October fest, but even though I’ve been to most places in Germany, this was my first time in Munich. And I want to go back! You may also read about Anna’s five our fling with Munich with lovely colourful pictures.

wpid-20140517_094805.jpg wpid-20140517_094754.jpg

I didn’t realise that these costumes are still very much used in the region in festivities or as work uniforms. Window shopping was entertaining.

The weather didn’t collaborate with us but we still wanted to check out the main square Marienplatz with the townhall. Totally worth getting wet for.

wpid-20140517_095642.jpg wpid-20140517_100054.jpg wpid-20140517_100751.jpg wpid-20140517_100024.jpg
The pedestrian zone offered some other buildings and gates worth seeing. I usually really like the market places in German cities too and this was no option.



We stayed at the Hotel Wallis, which, based on all the table dancing places close-by, must have been the dodgier side of the railway station. The hotel was definitively worth the money though, we had two connected rooms with a nice balcony for 179e. And I would have almost paid the price for the breakfast alone, which was even better than the one we had in Pfronten! There are aspects I miss about Germany!!!

Once upon a time as a student in Germany I used to frequent Aldi, and immediately recognised the familiar grocery store close to the hotel. Maybe I’ve hit the middle age but now the prices there just made me just skeptical; how ethical can a store with that low prices be? Anyone with more information, please share!


  1. They have table dancing places! We used to have one in Brisbane but the public liability people put a stop to that. Dodgy or no, I’m glad to see a bit of common sense and self-responsibility out there in the world somewhere.

    Ethics. Aldi. Yeah, I’m not sure. I know some of those cheap places use stock that hasn’t been sold elsewhere and that’s how they sell it cheap (by getting it extremely cheap). Aldis in Australia always has odd things like kid’s snow shoes (in Brisbane, obvious, isn’t it?) but they’re limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone. These are basically snow shoes somebody else hasn’t been able to move and has practically given away because the storage costs were driving them bankrupt.

    Then possibly that subsidises some of their regular stock, but that’s where it gets shady for me.

    1. I’m pretty sure those table dancing places had their own hired dancers but this is only based on the ads on the outside that I didn’t research that closely….
      Your explanation for the need to move the stock sounds plausible and still I wonder. It was just crazy cheap.
      Snow shoes in Brisbane, really? How on earth do they get rid of them there?! Btw, I never realised there are Aldis in oz too.

      1. Oh, well, no, I’m talking the customers dancing on the tables. What would be fun about the other?

        Snow shoes in Brisbane – I guess enough people go to cold places and there are very few shops selling snow shoes. And maybe they didn’t get many in. But yes, they are in Brisbane – they’re a global force, hence why they can move so much otherwise-unwanted stuff. If that’s actually their model.

        1. What the fun is, no idea, why do people like watching strippers? But hence the thought we might have landed on the dodgy side of the city…

          But now when you mentioned it, it may be too long since I last danced on tables (more fun in a group and fully dressed)!!

  2. Looks like a beautiful city…

    1. I loved it and what I saw of the region. Definitely want to go back!

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  4. You want ethical…. from ALDI?????? ROFL!!!!

    Glad you had a good time in Munich. I’ll be back there this summer, checking that you’ve left it in good working order 😉

    1. As a student I never thought of anything but cheap so these thoughts really hit me this time. But it’s good to remember cheap is not always affordable at the end!

      I may have to (I’m bot too sad to hear my hubby may have to work there a bit when I’m on holidays…) come back to Munich too, so leave some delicious cakes for me!

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