Biology for Toddlers

It never seizes to amaze me how excited toddlers can get when you tell them something about the nature. They really have taught me to pay attention to details again!

A summer house in the archipelago offers a great opportunity to explore the nature, which also seems to be a good way of making short legs walk fair distances. Last time we looked at the shoots of spruces (“who does the spruce shoot?”), baby cones, and found “trumpets” (In English?) that “Bambi likes to eat”



We remembered how delicious blueberries and forest strawberries are and recognized where they will grow:


And let’s not forget how much fun watering is. I’m pretty sure some of mum’s spices drowned before I realised the seriousness in this business.

The really cool part is to find something kids can eat, so after first trials we picked the “fox bread” (the leaf that reminds of a clover) to go in our salad.

I’m impressed by how much our young children remember from these very simple and relaxing trips! Quite a fun way to spend time together too.

So what have your children taught you? And what do you want to teach them (more than decent manners)?


  1. You can’t be more correct about kids getting us to pay attention to details again! In fact, I think when I was young, I did not even pay much attention to nature. I actually relearn nature after I become a mum! It’s amazing that we end up being students again 🙂

    1. Exactly the way I feel!

  2. The photo of them watering really brings back memories of how much my kids loved planting and watering. Lovely post.

    1. it really i the simple things that they can get completely engrossed in!

  3. journey2dfuture · · Reply

    Great picture. Looks like they had fun x

    1. It was fun!

  4. That salad looks delicious. I read somewhere recently that foraged foods are the new thing (I have to celebrate being on-trend for once – not that we’re foraging much, but it’s drawing me in at the moment).

    They really do soak up a lot of information at this stage.

    1. So you are saying we are a bit trendy too? cool! 🙂 The next night when I said I’d prepare dinner little Mr V took a basket, ran out and came soon back with 3 more leaves saying he brought the dinner 😉 Cutie.

      1. He’s learning to help! (And you’re encouraging it – clever.)

  5. So much fun! It always amazes me when Mr. T says or does something that’s I’ve mentioned or taught him in the past and he has retained! Little ones are just amazing!

    1. Cool to hear it can stay with them longer!

  6. Aw, the kids look so cute and so intent on what they’re doing!

  7. I loved the pictures. You have some eager gardeners there 🙂 I think kids teach us alot, like patience, being less selfish, showing us what is really important 🙂 My Dad, so Grandpa (A CHEMIST) like to teach BB#1 THE PERIODICAL TABLE 🙂

    1. Oh my, I should visit your dad too 😀 well done to get the kids interested!!

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