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Tampere: Entertaining Decorations in Vapriikki

Vapriikki is in one of the beautiful red brick former industrial buildings in central Tampere. Many of them has been transformed into picturesque crafts shops and restaurants with lovely waterways (old post here) but Vapriikki hosts several exhibitions (entrance fee to all 10e/adult), conferences and even a lunch restaurant and a great patio. The decorations […]

Time Management and Free Cuddles

I went back to work in September after 3 years at home. I love working! But the combination of working and small children is not always easy: this spring has been tough due to many colds and ear infections (and sleep deprivation) but even more so due to my 2,5 year old son not wanting […]

DIY Scavenger Hunt Memory

A day home with sick kids calls for more crafts: I’ve saved the corks from milk cartons and some jars for a while, not quite knowing what to do with them. But since our daughter is getting more and more interested in games, we decided to make a game of our own. We mixed memory […]

Free Family Friendly Events coming up

The summer season is coming closer and there is loads of happenings around. Here are a few family friendly ones I just happened to come across even though my days are pretty full with other programme for now. 10/5 Lasten unelma (Kids dream) on Sitratori (market place) and in Kanneltalo in Kannelmäki. 10am-4pm, there’ll be […]

Horses, Fresh Eggs and Breaks

Horses, something to spot, to marvel at and to talk about with kids. My husband grew up riding horses, and we had a horse and a couple of ponies (as well as a ton of other animals) as a kid. My city kids are amazed when they see the big animals as they are not […]

Sock Hobby Horse in 10 min

My younger one needed distraction,  so we took one of dad’s socks and turned it into this: First we filled the old sock with cotton from an old sofa cushion, then I cut eyes, ears and tongue out of hobby fabric and my son glued them on. The stick is from a broken broom and […]

Spring signs 3

I was happy to find that some chives I threw in a corner of the yard last year had grown. Fresh own chives in a sallad = spring! Trees turning green, and an exciting adventure for kids to “eat the nature”, that is, birch leaves (not that they taste good nor that I’d recommend too […]

Printing Shopping Bags with Apples

A quick but fun little art work: As I can’t be bothered to sew, I bought some plain canvas shopping bags. They are only a euro or so each. The canvas printing paints are a bit more pricy, however, they’ll last for quite a few small projects (4 jars about 20 euros). On top of […]


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