Gateway to Pargas

imageWe spent a mini holiday in the outer archipelago in the south western part of Finland. The area is just beautiful even in the grey and cold that we experienced. But if you are in for a mini holiday, the Archipelago Ring Road is a good way to get to know the region. If you do that, you’ll pass by or even pop into Pargas, a small picturesque town on the islands but pretty close to the main land (make sure to try the Skattmark café). The gateway to Pargas (Pargas port/ Paraisten portti) is a bout half an hour drive away from the town center; you’ll drive through small islands, over bridges, on a road on narrow bit of land with sea touching the road on both sides, and you’ll hope for the ferries (yellow ferries like in the picture are free) and bridges that open up for boats to collaborate with you for you to reach the tip of a small island called Jermo. There is the “gateway”.

imageOf course, you could also sail to the lovely little guest harbor (more of the harbor behind me, it is not quite this small 😉 ). The red building is the old Pargas Port, the light building was built maybe 3 years ago and has harbor (e.g. sauna, shower, laundry, and waste facilities) and postal services, a descent shop and a restaurant.

imageAs the place is pretty far from the main land, the prices are naturally a bit higher but good value for money. They had a great buffet lunch table this time for 18e/ adult (kids under 6 ate for free) but the price may vary depending on what fresh ingredients the restaurant gets from the people living close by. But the restaurant is lovely, and the service has always been friendly. The restaurant has a huge terrace area by the sea, there is a stage for performers in the summer time, and they also had this lovely little fenced off sand pit for children (I think this is rare in the rural areas!) right next to parents tables. Worked like charmed, when us parents wanted to still sit a moment after the kiddos were done eating.




  1. I *love* an eating place with a good play area. It just makes the whole thing so much more pleasant for everyone (including those without children at adjacent tables!)

    1. oh yes, a definite win-win situation

  2. That looks lovely and relaxing. Another reason to visit Finland!

  3. What a beautiful spot – and a great play place!

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