Daytrip to Puuhamaa

Puuhamaa is an activity based fun park that existed already when I was a child. I remember it being the coolest place 30 years ago, so it was fun to revisit it. Puuhamaa is in the countryside but only a 1 hour drive from  Helsinki and almost next to the highway to Tampere.

It was a warm and sunny morning and there was a fair bit to do. As a contrast to other entertainment parks, I quite liked that most of the things were such that you had to do something together with your children. Many of the things, e.g. the helicopter and the froggy boats, had to be  pedalled around. The pictures show a few of the activities we did but there where also things for older children, like motorised mini formel racing cars that we didn’t really even look at.








I was positively surprised by the nature in the setting, the river was used, and we saw an otter, duck and ducklings too! There where some nice quieter spots as well where our son had a day sleep and the rest of us rested for a bit.


imagePuuhamaa is mainly an outdoor play area but they had some covered play areas as well, like this shooting range and the labyrinth in the background, which came in handy when the rain and thunder caught up with us after the day sleep.


I remembered the water park area to be huge. It was fairly sizeable but I would hardly call it huuuuuuuge anymore. They had a pool for toddlers with smaller water slides, and then a few different pools with various types of slides and also doughnuts to be played with.

In the drizzle the temperatures dropped and we regretted promising our kids that we’d go on the water slides after the nap. They were determined though, so of course, like any parent, we got changed. And shortly after, only after two big slides each, we got super happy when the kids wanted to get dressed again. A shame about the weather because on a warm day I think a swim in the lake in the background could have been nice too.



Puuhamaa was open 10am-5pm today and we easily spent almost the whole day there. A lovely way to get into a summer mood!

It was pretty empty there though, lucky for us for not having to queue much. The lack of people might be due to the timing, the schools finished only a week ago but the holiday season hasn’t quite started yet. There was also a big fair pretty close on the same day. I don’t know. I hope the place is not coming to end though. You could definitively tell that the place had been there a few years, it wasn’t ran down but it looked used in places. And the bridges on the river definitively needed some fixing up.

It wasn’t quite a free day: the entrance fee to the park was 23e/ person, children under 3 are free. But that fee covers everything, so if you go there for the day, I think it is pretty good value for the money. Also, there is a restaurant and a cafe but there are several picnic tables, some under cover, so park seems to have been built for families to spend the day in rather than for a place that aims to rip all the money off every visitor.

Anyway, we had a fun and active day in the countryside, and my son’s happiness was sealed when he got to hug the furry Puuhamaa Teddy, and I’d be happy to go there again!




  1. […] Going back to the thoughts I had when I started this blog: Me and my husband decided a couple of years ago that amusement parks need to be treats, that is, not something our kids get to go to every week or so. Not because we can’t afford it but because we want them to appreciate things. And because there are other ways to have great fun together as well. However, as we are fortunate enough we are happy to treat our children (and ourselves) every summer to one fun park, maybe another if it is not for a full price. Last year we skipped Linnanmäki and did a lovely daytrip to Puuhamaa instead. […]

  2. […] in the summer we did a day trip to Puuhamaa, an activity based fun park, located approximately half way between Helsinki and Tampere. It may […]

  3. Good on you for getting changed anyway! (But yes, big relief when they decided they’d had enough!)

  4. Looks like a fun day for all!

    1. It was, like a mini holiday 🙂

  5. We have water theme parks here too. Your water park area seems vast from the pictures. We have them compact with lots of doughnuts “flowing river”, slides and all. I can imagine how shivering it gets getting into cold water with the kids. Somehow I feel that the kids can withstand cold much better than adults.

    1. Maybe it is just the (lack of) motivation? But I agree, kids go into crazy cold water!

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