Rhodo Park

Finally we got around to visit the Rhodo Park in South Haaga the right time of the year. The rhododendron had lovely colourful flowers, the park overall is very tidy, and also accessible by wheelchair. A nice place for a little evening walk (or run and climb for some… some even found interesting ways to smell the flowers…). The park is at the end of Laajasuontie in Haaga, and you’ll see it when you get there. Even though I was surprised to see that there was partly “normal” forest there too!

wpid-20140608_171354.jpg wpid-20140608_171444.jpg wpid-20140608_171522.jpg wpid-20140608_171609.jpg wpid-20140608_171906.jpg wpid-20140608_172004.jpg wpid-20140608_172046.jpg wpid-20140608_172058.jpg wpid-20140608_172609.jpg wpid-20140608_173055.jpg wpid-20140608_172438.jpg wpid-20140608_173257.jpg wpid-20140608_173335.jpg


There are a fair few parks with “something” to visit in the Helsinki area. Here are a few maybe a bit less known suggestions that are nice even with small children and are pretty easy to access even if you don’t have heaps of time:


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  3. Looks like the kids found the ropes more interesting! Precursor to future careers in gymnastics? 🙂

    1. Haha, you are right but who cares, they were happy enough to let us enjoy the floral beauty (as long as there were ropes) 😀 Career in gymnastics rather than gardening? I can live with that 😉

  4. What a beautiful park. One of the towns I lived in while growing up was known for its rhododendrons. In fact every year they had a rhodenderon parade. They are really beautiful (and surprisingly easy to grow… in that town at least.).

    1. I was surprised by the size of this rhododendron park, it was fairly big, and I thought rhododendrons needed a warmer climate. But then that wouldn’t be the first time I don’t know something about plants 😉 We have one rhododendron bush on our yard and it has survived without any help from me, so they must be pretty easy!

  5. Beautiful! Looks like fun was had!

  6. I want that hat!!!

    1. Perfect for the rhodo park. But you may loose your life of you try to take it, it is a favourite 😉

      1. I could do with loosening my life… but not with losing it 😉

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