Birthday Treasure Hunt

We had a problem in the fairy land on our daughter’s fourth birthday party: somebody stole all the lollies!
Lucky that somebody had left jigsaw pieces around, and when they were put together (a joint effort, this mum actually struggled with dad’s drawing…), there was a map that showed the way to the treasure a.k.a. the stolen lollies. Great for getting everyone playing together!






  1. I’m totally stealing this next time.

    We just had P’s birthday over the weekend and the kids had to make their own jet packs out of cereal boxes at our house, then go on a “mission to mars” where the food, etc awaited. AE laid an adventure trail using ribbons for them to follow (it started by climbing out over our kitchen balcony). We had a whole stack more craft activities “on mars” including cardboard packing boxes for making their base camp, etc. We thought it was a great idea (P loved it).

    Imagine my surprise when a whole stack of freaked-out kids worriedly complained that they didn’t think they should be climbing over the back balcony/wandering around lost/broke down complaining that they’d never find the party every time they couldn’t see the next ribbon/etc. Then when they got to the mars base camp they demanded organised games and I was like – build! paint! throw balloons! Play balloon hockey! Run around in your jet packs making zooming noises! Eat freeze-dried ice-cream!

    Wrong crowd perhaps…?

    1. Really? They were worried about the climbing the balcony etc? I know a few who would jump on the hint if they’d get the change! Sounds like a super fun track and loads of creative fun to do to me! I’d be happy to join the next time you organise a party 😉

      1. It’s only half a metre off the ground. They were mainly worried they were going to get in trouble for doing something unorthodox. Luckily some of the kids got into it!

        I’m just wondering what sorts of nervous breakdowns they would have had if a fairy had stolen the party lollies. Would they have actually called the police? 🙂

  2. What a great idea!

  3. Reblogged this on Expat Dad SG and commented:
    This is a fantastic idea and I’m sure we will be stealing this one!

    1. Go ahead, hopefully your children will have fun too!

  4. Just when I think you can’t get any cuter… 😉

  5. That is a great idea!!! So sweet and interactive!

    1. Thanks, it did work well.

  6. P.S. Thanks for following our new blog!

  7. When I read it I actually thought someone had stolen your lollies! Such a cute idea.

  8. Haha…maybe the drawing was made difficult on purpose, to make the challenge..well…more challenging! 🙂

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