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Updated: Crafts for Small Children on an Airplane or in a Hotel

I made a list on simple crafts to do on trips on a flight or in the hotel room about a year ago, but we have tried other things out since that may work for others too. The key is to take light, cheap and simple materials along that does not require much room either. […]

Medieval Festival for Children in Donauwörth, Germany

We planned to interrail through Germany this summer but changed the plan when my husband was sent for further training to Germany for a month. Halfway through his month in Bavaria I flew with our children over there to say hi. As it happened, on the long weekend we were there, Donauwörth, a little town […]

Children Swimming in Helsinki: Pirkkolan plotti

When blogging about outdoor pools in Helsinki I should have included Pirkkolan plotti. It’s an artificially made pool in Pirkkola sports park with sand on the bottom, and it’s a perfect place to swim for small children. There is an option for sun and shade most of the day, the option of a sandy beach and […]

Cafe Sattmark, Pargas

A cafe to be visited by car or boat shortly south of the island town of Pargas. There are fun wooden animals on the yard for children to play with as well as big blocks and sand pit with toys, a big outdoors area, a lovely sign showing were the sauna, jetty, beach, a little […]

Turku Library: Children’s Exhibitions

If you are in Turku with small children, the library offers a good option for rainy days or a moment of quiet during the day: a few years ago Turku built a new main library. It has quite cool little feature in the children’s section: exhibitions for children. The other week we just missed the […]

The Most Simple Maths Game Ever for Toddlers

Everyone has a sheet like this with numbers 1-6 and then throws the dice on their turn. Cross out the number you get, the one to have crossed out all numbers first has won. A bit simple for the 4 year old but still happy to play, good training for the almost 3 yo to […]

Pros, Cons and Cost of Camping with Small Children

As a bit of a summary after our road trip camping across central Finland: Pros Our kids are 4 and almost 3, and they loved all of it; sleeping in a tent, and spending loads of time outdoors. We got to spend a lot of time together as a family, feels wonderful after a rather […]

Cabin on a Campsite

After Jakobstad we were about to tour a few more days with mainly outdoorsy destinations in our mind, so when the weather forecast gave us a 3 more rainy days we didn’t feel like staying in a tent anymore. With 54e/night we booked into a simple family hut on Manso camping in Ikaalinen, about 40-50kms west […]

Printing Shopping Bags

My 4 yo wanted to do “big girl crafts” when we were home alone. So she wrote the text and drew a princess, I cut the motive with a surgeon’s knife (do they gave a specific name in English? ), she picked the colours, and then we printed the cool shopping bags.   I like […]

Wooden Houses in Jakobstad

The old towns in Finland are typically beautiful areas for an enjoyable stroll. Skata suburb in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari), a town on the west coast some 400 kms north of Turku, may not be ancient old but it certainly is beautiful. It is an old workers suburb that nowadays is a desired place to live in […]


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