Swimming in Mustasaari

Now we’ve tried it, swimming in Mustasaari, the perfect island for a family day trips within Helsinki. I’ve blogged about the island last summer here, so I won’t go into other details than that today we did our annual day trip to the island, and this time we had our swimsuits with us. The water was still cold but that wouldn’t stop the kids. The jetty is good for someone who doesn’t want to walk all the way out as the beach is pretty shallow for quite a long time. I think they have imported sand on the beach as my girl did dig deep and found mud…

We also tried the barbecues for the first time too, and there was wood and matches for everyone to use. They were in good condition too. So I still warmly recommend the island!

wpid-20140705_122611.jpg wpid-20140705_122821.jpg



  1. Fun! Water wings changed Zoë’s life… she swims all around now!

    1. They also make the experience more enjoyable for me when I’m swimming with both kids without other adults present…

  2. Looks really nice! Never been there. We usually go to Pihlajasaari.

    1. Pihlajasaari is great too, Mustasaari caters even more for children with the animals around and facilities even for the youngest ones.
      Do you know if one is still allowed to camp on Pihlajasaari on weekends?

      1. Thanks for the hint. We will definitely try to visit Mustasaari, before school holidays are over. According to Helsinki City web page, you can camp on Pihlajasaari only on weekends: http://www.hel.fi/hki/liv/fi/Ulkoilu/Saaristossa/Pihlajasaari

        1. Cool, thanks! Might have to try to stay the night in Pihlajasaari if the hot weather is here to stay!

  3. Very cute! 🙂 I’d still need those arm bands too 😉

    1. Lol, they are classy 😉

      1. I would look hot in those 😉

  4. Looks like a great day out, especially with swim suits added!

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