Exploring the World of Colours

My daughter was fascinated when she figured out how to make colours by mixing others. I’ve tried to show her before but now she got how yellow and blue make green and red and white pink. I think the acrylic paints were easy for the purpose!



  1. […] to use finger paints. It’s been a long time since we last used them, so initially just to explore mixing colours and making green or purple was fun for him. It turned out to be so much fun  that my daughter […]

  2. Lovely activity! I have a question: What is the difference between acrylic paint and normal paint?

    1. Hm, good question, I’m not too sure about what “normal” paint is made of (or whether it is the same here and over there)…

  3. I love mixing colors and seeing what comes out!

  4. I was trying to show the mixing this afternoon but T was less than impressed. She liked the mixing – she just didn’t get the concept of deliberately making a new colour 🙂 . So do you think that’ll kick in soon?

    1. V was the same so I guess we need to rely on Montessori and just be sensitive towards their interests 😉

      1. Yes. Not like being a paint colour non-mixer is likely to be their downfall!

        1. Haha, true !

        2. You never know… 😉

          1. True. You never do. They could be stuck in a maze with a supernatural creature chasing them down and in order to make it to safety they have to mix two colours together to make just the right shade of purple to unlock the door to the next chamber. I’ve seen similar in movies, it must be true.

            1. Everything in movies is.

              1. This is what I tell the children.

  5. Zoë is really into color making right now as well!

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