Simple Summer Activities

Fishing with a rod, hook and worm is free everywhere in Finland (and is more boring and even yacky for some than for their daughters… lucky there are grandparents who are only happy to suffer)


Picking forest berries “Pippi style” or in a basket.


Making flower garlands.

Nature puzzles; exciting for an almost 3 year old to know who has been dining here.
Building sand castles.

Yes, old (summerhouse) goodies that together with dolphin and crocodile games in the sea are good fun when done together.


  1. […] As for the free but fun part: Food is always fun, no need for explanations, but food is heavily taxed here, so in shops it’s definitively not free. However, we still have a lot of relatively pure nature, so happy foraging! […]

  2. Did you build that sandcastle? It looks impressive and it doesn’t seem to be built by professional sandcastle building tools. Oh boy, I have missed reading your posts and I am going to do it post by post now 🙂

    1. My mum and daughter were the main architects 😉

      Back from your holidays then? Welcome back!

  3. Pippi style? Are they just threaded on there?

    1. Pippi Longstocking does this in the runaway movie; yes, just threaded on. I suppose the way stems from the era where bowls/baskets were too luxurious to be given to children, so we are all taught to pick them like that. Something relaxing about it though 🙂

  4. I’m with And Three to Go – we need instructions for a flower garland! 🙂 And I wish I lived near a beach, I love making sandcastles!
    And fishing is free! That’s awesome! Most of the lakes by us we need a permit to fish – but it’s worth the money each year! I like to cast my reel… I’m not sure what I’d do if I actually ever caught anything!

    1. That is the worst part; what if I’d actually catch something, and then I’d have to *touch* fish… yuuuuuckkk… but I suppose waiting isn’t my forte either…

  5. Oh how did you make the flower garland! I have tried in the past and they always fall apart!

    1. Definitely more instructions needed on that one!

      1. I shoud have taken how to -pictures… I just braid the flowers. I braid the first circle with flowers with long stems, then wrap around the circle wth a few more long stems, and then make it look nice by attaching flowers with shorter stems to it, mainly by sticking them underneith the wrapping stems. I don’t really know how they are suppose to be done, any suggestions?

        1. I think if it stays together you’re doing it right. Definitely some how-to pictures for a follow up post!

  6. These are all great! I love the berry picking 🙂 I agree fishing is boring 🙂

    1. Great minds think alike 🙂

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