Free Crafts Supplies for Everybody in July

The Handicraft Service Näprä (Näprä Ilmaistukku) at the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd (Pääkaupunkiseudun kierrätyskeskus) normally supplies daycares, schools and clubs with crafts supplies. However, in July 2014 they are only open on weekdays 12-5 pm, but welcome everybody to walk in (well, you need to ring the doorbell) and take crafts supplies.

Näprä is in the Nihtisilta department store on Kutojantie 3 in Espoo. 

To find mainly simple crafts idea I have made either myself or together with small children, please go here.



  1. That’s insane! Free craft supplies!! I’d be all over that!

    1. I hope I make it there next week, we are a bit too booked and all over the place now… but at least some friends promised to go and rummage the place!

  2. Wow! Seriously? There’s just a lot of free stuff in Finland!

    1. Yes, there is! Unfortunately there is loads of stuff that cost and that have huuuuuge taxes on them too 😉 But therefore it is good to take advantage of the ideology of sharing everything to everyone 😉

      1. Yes, the huge taxes it how it happens I suppose. Can’t get free stuff out of thin air 🙂 . But it is good to see it going back into the community.

        1. I agree! And I only started to see how much we gain from the taxes after living abroad. I like tge way everyone can have opportunities here, regardless of their income.

          1. Very true. Singapore’s always been staunchly low tax but I can see them adding in programs to help get over that opportunity hurdle as time goes by.

            The school system is already pretty good at the primary/high school level, although I think there are still a few problems at university level (ok if you’re very talented, but not a broad range of choices if you’re the next tier down and can’t afford overseas tuition). The health system has been tweaked in the last few years to make things easier on lower income earners, although I think there’s scope for more. It’s a pretty rich country and there’s a greater emphasis on free-will giving so it’s not quite as dire as it might sound/as it is elsewhere, but still it’s not like we’re getting free craft supplies 🙂

            Opportunity is definitely key, though.

            1. What I’ve seen/ heard of Singapore is that it is pretty good at giving opportunities to people who work hard, and people seem to be pleasant and hard-working. Nice combo 🙂

  3. Nomibug · · Reply

    I LOVE the glove helicopter! Best idea ever! I wonder if I can make mine look as good as yours though?

    1. Haha, I don’t think it will take too much to beat mine 😉 But it was fun while it lasted!

      1. Nomibug · · Reply

        I’ll let you know!

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