Wooden Houses in Jakobstad

wpid-20140629_092130.jpgThe old towns in Finland are typically beautiful areas for an enjoyable stroll. Skata suburb in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari), a town on the west coast some 400 kms north of Turku, may not be ancient old but it certainly is beautiful. It is an old workers suburb that nowadays is a desired place to live in Jakobstad. In my opinion the few crooked fences and awesome details like the gossip mirrors in the windows among otherwise well kept houses and yards only added to the character. 

wpid-20140629_092523.jpgwpid-20140629_093313.jpgwpid-20140629_093134.jpgwpid-20140629_093151.jpgwpid-20140629_093115.jpg As we continued our road trip from Jyväskylä and Keuruu to Jakobstad to mainly catch up with friends, we didn’t do a lot of sightseeing. We visited the arctic museum Nanoq briefly. It may not have been at all boring with its open air replicas of eskimo living etc. but it wasn’t a museum for tired little children.


  1. […] About an hour south of Oulu, also on the west coast is Raahe. It’s old town is famous so we scheduled a lunch break there. The old town was pretty but it seemed more ran down than the old towns in Rauma, Porvoo or Jakobstad. […]

  2. You must really be Finland’s ambassador. The tourism board should pay you for discovering so many Finland’s gems.

    1. Hahahaa, that would be superb, wouldn’t it? A very affordable hobby 😉

  3. […] to catch up with friends and relatives I rarely […]

  4. […] Jakobstad we were about to tour a few more days with mainly outdoorsy destinations in our mind, so when the […]

  5. Gossip mirrors?? What on earth are those? And the towns of Finland look so beautiful! Wish I could around them someday!

    1. Gossip mirrors were in the old days the tool for nosy people to see what happened on the street when they were not seen 😉
      You pictures make me want to see all the lovely places in India too!

  6. Gossip mirrors – awesome. I don’t know why small town America doesn’t have those. Charming place!

    1. Our friends are pretty lucky to live there!

  7. Very nice! I have never heard of gossip
    Mirrors either! How interesting

    1. You can see them in the most old towns around Finland (but we are not that openly nosy anymore 😉 )

  8. It’s funny how the old worker suburbs become the posh neighbourhoods. The details and imperfections definitely add character.

  9. Those look awesome – but Gossip Mirrors? I’ve never heard of such a thing!

  10. The gossip mirrors bring curtain twitching to a whole new level 😉

    1. I can imagine how old nosy ladies have sat behind their curtains checking out what happens on the street via the mirrors…

      1. I’ve never seen it before! Hopefully the old ladies in the Irish countryside haven’t either 😉 I would have got in a lot more trouble in my youth if those things had been around!!

        1. …something to export to Ireland then…? 😉

          1. And keep out of Germany 😉

            1. lol, I bet in a city with 3-4 million people somebody sees you even without the mirrors 😉

              1. Hoping I’m small enough to slip by unnoticed 😉

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