Cabin on a Campsite

After Jakobstad we were about to tour a few more days with mainly outdoorsy destinations in our mind, so when the weather forecast gave us a 3 more rainy days we didn’t feel like staying in a tent anymore. With 54e/night we booked into a simple family hut on Manso camping in Ikaalinen, about 40-50kms west of Tampere. I’d say it was a fairly typical cabin for a campsite in Finland.


The staff at Manso Camping was welcoming and helpful. The hut had a great view, running cold water, plates, cutlery and pots, two hot plates, a micro, a coffee maker and a fridge in the kitchenette, kitchen table and a double bed in the “lounge” and a bunk bed separated by a door. The beds had pillows and duvets but please bring your own linen. The hut was old but clean and tidy, as was the porch with another table and chairs as well as a barbecue. As it was a simple hut, we obviously could also use the common campsite facilities, fire places, kitchen shelters, trampoline, jumping castle, kids climbing frames and showers. The showers could be up done in my opinion but as we stayed in Manso mainly to be able to visit the local spa, we weren’t too worried.

 In Short Costly Family Destinations in/around Ikaalinen

The spa Ikaalisten kylpylä was great fun with whirlpools, water slides etc for 37e/ family. It wasn’t a huge spa but even though the building seemed old, the spa area was fresh and newly renovated inside. The signage was extremely poor though, but when we finally found our way to the spa inside of the hotel complex, it was worth it. At the spa we realised there was another camping area right next to it too…. One can also combine the spa with a visit to the House of Titi-nalle (children’s programme), which Helsinkimom has blogged about. We skipped it but drove instead a bit further to the to the house of Mr Hakkarainen (Character in children’s books) in Vammala, which cost 7-8e/person to enter.

In the house of the sleep walking goat Herra Hakkarainen there was a lot of activities for children, like a kitchen, a shop with old fashioned scales and play food, a space shuttle and even a drawing area, so quite a nice change to all fun park rides. Our kids loved it but I found the house very cramped. Good to visit once, not too sure if I need to go there another time (but if you ask the kids, we will go back).


  1. […] it is becoming a tradition for us to finish our road trips with a spa visit as we last year went to Ikaalinen. This one was smaller than the Ikaalinen one but we had fun and 2-3 hours of playing in the water, […]

  2. […] Sights: about 50e + 37e on the spa + 28e entrance fee to the house of Mr Hakkarainen […]

  3. I’ll take a cabin over a tent! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it good that there is an option for every taste?! 🙂

  4. We stayed in a little cabin like that in Estonia! It was fantastic and definitely a great place for kids. A step up from camping for those who don’t want to go that way, very comfortable. Well, except ours was another step up because it had an attached sauna, but the interior looked very similar.

    No trampoline, unfortunately, with ours.

    1. An attached sauna?! Not quite so simple anymore but lovely addition! Where in Estonia was that? Have you done more travelling in Estonia (=should I reread your blog as I have missed this?)? We just loved tripping close to home and have been thinking it would be nice to do more of that in Estonia too.

      1. Ok. I am going to have to think a bit about that one… It was a short(ish) bus ride from Tallinn. In the big national park. Was it Kasmu?

        Looks familiar. Anyway, I don’t think you’ll go too far wrong anywhere in that area. Beautiful place and just across from you (we went on a day trip to Helsinki so definitely striking distance).

        But it’s a while ago now so I’m a touch foggy on the details. Definitely remember that sauna, though!

        1. I’ll have to interview our Estonian friends before we end up going, I’ve only explored Tallin and Tartu, both beautiful cities, so would be great to see more of the country too. My mum has been a fair bit around there to paint, so I know scenery would be worth it!

  5. What a cute cabin! Looks like so much fun!

    1. Easy for rainy days, and a good option for those who like it simple but dislike pitching and folding a tent!

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