The Most Simple Maths Game Ever for Toddlers

imageEveryone has a sheet like this with numbers 1-6 and then throws the dice on their turn. Cross out the number you get, the one to have crossed out all numbers first has won.

A bit simple for the 4 year old but still happy to play, good training for the almost 3 yo to count how many dots he got and then to find the equivalent number on the paper. Also, he learned surprisingly quickly to recognise the number without counting the dots.

The credits for this game (even though I slightly changed it) goes to the great Swedish crafts blog



  1. […] games I’ve introduced a few before like dancing with letters, learning numbers with the most simple DIY dice game and Mosaic, building with geometrical shapes. An addition to this list is playing with our fridge […]

  2. […] my son is finally showing interest in numbers. We still have a great game from my childhood, Einertrainer, and I was trying to help him out: “let’s count together 1-2-3″. Son, 3 years: “why do you always start with 1? I count 2-5-8″. He has regained interest in the Most simple maths game ever though. […]

  3. You invented this?! Amazingly simple! Like what Bronwyn says, great for air plane rides!

    1. It would work on a plane too, wouldn’t it?! I didn’t invent it, the Swedish blogger skapligt enkelt started it, I just developed it a little.

      1. You shared it out! So, to me, you are the inventor since I first read it from you 😛

        1. Lol. Thanks!

      2. You know what? I suddenly have a good idea to let my girl memorize multiplication table by using dice! Thanks to you 🙂 Works with 2 dice thrown and cross out the answer. For multiplication table more than 6, throw one die and 2 dice later. I am going to do this tonight! Can’t thank you enough!

        1. Good idea! And why not do it for addition and subtraction as well?! Great brainstorming!

  4. Fantastic travel game as well! It might be simple for the 4yo but I bet anyone bored enough would be ok with it 🙂

    1. Yep, boredom is a good motivator!

    2. You just reminded me of needing to update good airplane and hotel games, got some good experiences on my last flights.

  5. Oh thats great! I am totally doing this with Z tomorrow!

    1. She’d be perfect age!

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