Children Swimming in Helsinki: Pirkkolan plotti

When blogging about outdoor pools in Helsinki I should have included Pirkkolan plotti. It’s an artificially made pool in Pirkkola sports park with sand on the bottom, and it’s a perfect place to swim for small children. There is an option for sun and shade most of the day, the option of a sandy beach and a lawn, playground or pond, and either swimming in at most 1 m deep water or playing on the shallow beach. In the deeper end there is a water slide and in shallow water there is a sprinkler to amuse children. As a mum of two small children, who always seem to want to do different things, I also like the fact that I can have an overview of most of the place at any one time.

As for facilities, there is a descent sized changing room, toilets with changing tables for babies and a kiosk with not so friendly prices. Also, during the school holidays life guards are there to back you up in making sure nothing nasty happens 10am-6pm. However, nobody is there to babysit children, they are the responsibility of the parents.





  1. […] he was about 5 months and we’ve mostly gone 1-2 a month swimming. There are plenty of beaches, outdoor and indoors pools in Helsinki. Fun for all of […]

  2. […] it was close by, and the only thunder he remembers was from last summer when we were swimming in Pirkkolan Plotti (child friendly artificial pond for swimming in Helsinki) and we had to get out of the water when […]

  3. What is it with kids always wanting to do different things to each other? Glad these guys seem to know the drill – it’s good to be able to keep an eye on all things at once!

    1. So it’s not just us. A bit of a relief 🙂

  4. This looks really nice! We go to the pool often here, but the one near us is just a regular old pool, nothing pretty like this one!

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