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Attention, so cheap and should-be-easy to give. A choice for quality of life really. But still I’m sure we all are sometimes Parenting while distracted. After reading the article you may want to recheck your focus… What do you think and were do you draw the line?

A Stroll in the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia

Sometimes it is nice just to walk around in another suburb. We’ve done it before e.g. in Töölö, Tali and Pyysaari. So on Saturday morning we booked ?the ferry over to Tallinn, Estonia, and spent lovely few hours strolling in the old town. Another suburb in another capital. We booked a return trip from Helsinki on Tallink […]

Crafting Cards with Pressed Leaves

An old but fun crafts for children: gluing dried and pressed leaves to make cards. Simple and pretty, and a good repetition to what leaves and trees there are.   More fun with leaves Before we dried and pressed the leaves, we coloured their pattern Print with fresh green leaves Fox with Autumn leaves Looking forward to […]

Nature’s Light Shows

Originally posted on Learning to See in Helsinki:
Plenty of them lately, beautiful to watch when you are inside. Learning to See in Helsinki View original post

Suomenlinna Sea Fortess

The World Heritage Site, which is easy to reach by ferry from the main market square in Helsinki, and which I included in my “Must see’s of Finland” but which I have never blogged about. But Suomenlinna is so well known that most locals frequently visit it all year around and most tourist find they […]

Helsinki Festival and the Jungle of Strings

Helsinki offers plenty of cultural programme during Helsinki Festival the last couple of weeks of August (please see Helsingin juhlaviikot for the programme and to buy tickets). There is loads of free programme and activities offered to all ages on the Kansalaistori square next to the Music Centre. We happened to pass the square pretty early […]

Coloured Leaves

So simple but fun, quality time with 4 yo: 1. A little walk in the forest collecting fresh leaves 2. At home put the leaves under a paper 3. Colour with crayons over the leaves. I think these could make pretty cool cards too when cut and glued on a nice background. We ended up […]

Painting Magic Cards

Quality time with my almost 3 yo son: I drew with a white crayon some simple figures on wall paper before he came, and he was excited to paint over it to see the picture become clear. Made pretty cool cards in my opinion!    

Annual Kids Festivals in Helsinki

Last year we had so much fun on the kids festival Skiditfestarit that we went this year again (26.7 2014). We had fun again on; danced (well, some kiddies who absolutely wanted to dance only dared to join the last 5 minutes of the 30 minute class. So I’m happy we hurried…), played drums, watched giant […]

“Föri”, the Free Favourite in Turku

A ride on Föri, a ferry for pedestrians, is a must if you are with children in Turku. It only takes a minute to cross the river and the ferry goes non-stop. The views are not bad for adults either, especially during a regatta. The pics are from the Gangut regatta (31.7-3.8.2014). On the harbour […]


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