Annual Kids Festivals in Helsinki

Last year we had so much fun on the kids festival Skiditfestarit that we went this year again (26.7 2014).

We had fun again on; danced (well, some kiddies who absolutely wanted to dance only dared to join the last 5 minutes of the 30 minute class. So I’m happy we hurried…), played drums, watched giant soap bubbles, made signs etc. This year there was less to do though, less stalls overall, and more stalls that gave the feeling that they were there to sell a product and just offered something to do on the side because they were supposed to.

I really liked the way it was last year; kids could try activities and then there was staff you could ask more about the hobbies if you wanted to. Now it seemed more commercial, more like the other big children’s festival in Helsinki, Lasten festivaalit, was last year. Maybe just the way things go, money rules? Maybe we’ll have to check out Lasten festivaalit this year as well on August 17th?

Anyway, not doing the hardcore sales seems to be the way to get me interested in spending money, as I found myself asking about drum lessons. There was a boy, about 9-10, absolutely gorgeous, playing really well on them himself and then happily showing my kids how to do it too. My son surprised me by getting the way to use your hands and then being able to imitate the rhythms of the bigger boy. The adults were just in the background in this stall!









  1. So catching up on your posts here!

    Yes, I think maybe it is just the way things go. First year everyone’s enthusiastic and giving. Following year the generosity dies off and the commercialism is left. Hard to keep a good grass-roots festival in full swing. If you find out how, let me know – in the meantime, your natural instincts will certainly encourage people to back off on the hard sell!

    1. I suppose so. And while I think it is understandable, I also think it is sad.

      1. Yes, definitely. There must be a formula as some festivals seem to manage it, but I think it needs a close-knit community outside the event itself, perhaps?

  2. Despite the fact that it seemed more commercial, looks like the kids had fun! 🙂

    1. Absolutely. As did I!:)

  3. It looks like a fun festival! Wow drums! Really cool! I love the drums 🙂

    1. I am surprised to notice I loved the drums too 😉

  4. So are drum lessons in your sons future? 🙂 Despite being more commercialized this year it still looks like a pretty good time!

    1. We’ll see how much he has energy after daycare, if he can still focus, maybe 😉

      It was a fun day!

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