Coloured Leaves

So simple but fun, quality time with 4 yo:
1. A little walk in the forest collecting fresh leaves
2. At home put the leaves under a paper
3. Colour with crayons over the leaves.

I think these could make pretty cool cards too when cut and glued on a nice background.

We ended up talking about the leaves and trees so much that my daughter seems to recognise the most common leaves now. Not a bad unintentional outcome for just spending relaxing time together!

We decided to dry and press the leaves for future crafts. But since you already have collected green leaves, you may want to do some printing with them instead.



  1. […] some cases…) coloured over the paper letting the picture of the coin emerge (like we did with leaves last autumn). Our kids loved this! While doing that we looked at the coins and put them in piles. […]

  2. I totally forgot about this. I used to do it when I was a child. Thanks for the reminder, my girls will love this!

  3. […] but fun crafts for children: gluing dried and pressed leaves to make cards. Simple and pretty, and a good repetition to what leaves and trees there […]

  4. I remember doing this when I was young. It’s amazing how we sometimes forget to take joy in the little things 🙂

    1. Kids are great teachers in enjoying the little things though 🙂

  5. Good idea! Totally forgot about this! During my school days, I love to laminate beautiful leaves. Except that over here, we do not have many nice leaves. My favourite is maple which we do not have.

    1. Maple is pretty! But Kate commented that she does that to other nice patterns too, I will think that’s something to explore too!

  6. Good reminder of such a simple but rewarding activity. And I’m so impressed that your daughter has started learning the names of the trees. This one’s getting pinned for fall homeschool activities!

    1. Yesterday we went for a walk in the forest, and I was chatting away about the trees to find out which ones she still remembers; turns out repeating the trees won’t be unnecessary at all. The answers were more like “that one has edible berries, that one has cones squirrels eat…” (or maybe i just have to feed my kids more often;) ) But hey, it was a start! Pretty cool that you think you can use it homeschooling!

  7. I loved doing this when I was a kid too. And leaf printing. I can even remember making a leaf print library bag at kindergarten! It was such a prized possession because the teacher painted my name on it and I had never had anything like that before. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I probably would now too. (;

    1. What a lovely memory! So great when simple things bring those golden moments back 🙂

  8. That’s a good one! I’d completely forgotten about leaf rubbings. Good one for travel, too.

    1. True, would be easy to do anywhere.

  9. So cool! I think it would be so cool to so this with z with leaves from the different places we visit and make a book!

    1. What a fantastic idea! A special diary for her to remember her travels with! Awesome!

    2. Ha – just reading the comments after posting my own – we think alike!

      1. Seriously Bronwyn! We are so in sync lately. 🙂

  10. I used to do this as a kid!

    1. Happy childhood!

  11. I still like to do that – with leaves and pretty much anything else that has texture! 🙂 But I love the unintended consequence! What a great way learn without “learning”!

    1. I know! And i always hated biology in school so I find it funny that I still seem to pass on some knowledge in the area too. What else with texture have you coloured that turned out nicely?

      1. Okay, I’m bad about getting bored and taking a piece of paper and doing an impression of the table cloth! Or over a blank sheet of paper to see what was written on the page that was torn off – like in spy movies! 🙂

        Oh – I bet that would be fun – Write a message really hard on a piece of paper, on top of another one, and let them color lightly to reveal it!

        1. I need to try that one, would be exciting for the kids! Thanks for the tip!

        2. Actually, what a good activity when in a boring lecture… I may have to train my spy skills too 😉

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