Rock Climbing, Sibelius and Cafe Regatta

Another part of Helsinki that is lovely on a sunny day is the area around the Sibelius monument in Töölö (not that far from Töölö Bay, also good for family walks). We first enjoyed a stroll along the shore, which has beautiful views, among others to Seurasaari, but it’s also good with kids because it’s rigjt next to the rowing stadion and therefore there are loads of boats and kayaks to spot.


On the walk we took a look at the queue to Cafe Regatta, probably one of the oddest, cutest and most popular cafes in town. It has great details, one of them is the a refill of coffee that comes with 5 cents (yes, you are *paid*). And there is always a box with potatoes growing in front of the little red cafe house illustrating the old Finnish saying about and dream of owning a little red house and some land to grow potato in (“Punainen tupa ja perunamaa”). The location is different but beautiful too. Since the queue was 50-60 metres once again and we continued to one of the most known monuments in Helsinki, the Sibelius monument.



Jean Sibelius is probably the most known Finnish composer and his music contributed to the formation of the Finnish national identity back in the days. If i recall the story of the monument correctly, the abstract monument was supposed to capture the essence of his music.



Anyway, the monument was the cultural input of our sunny Saturday, and even my children thought this was a perfect destination for the day: the monument is on a rock perfect for climbing for kids at the age of 3-4. They got even luckier because not far from the monument is a playground that I liked. It is not huge, nor is it probably very interesting to any bigger kids, but it was more like a natural area fenced off with a few added climbing frames and swings.

wpid-20140906_152743.jpg wpid-20140906_152750.jpg

The Sibelius park is only a short walk away from Hietsu (Hietasaari), the most known and most central beach in Helsinki, and on the other side of Hietsu there is the little jetty where the boat picks you up, if you want to go to the Mustasaari family island, so there is plenty to enjoy, if you make it to the area. This time we were done after the shore, the monument and it’s rock, the park and the playground. Next time we’ll enjoy more of the cafe than just the swing outside too.



  1. Kids and rock climbing – always a good combination! (Except when they try to get above their skill level, I guess… but obviously not here!)

    Looks lovely, and a bit of a cultural moment in there as well.

    1. The beauty of these rocks were that kids loved them but they couldn’t get too far above their skill level, the drop was never that high says the relaxed mum 😉

      1. Gotta love not having to worry about them killing themselves 🙂

  2. Hey we went to Cafe Regatta, Sibelius and Hietsu on Saturday! Can’t believe we missed you 😊

    1. Really? What a coincidence! Too bad we missed you!

  3. That monument is awesome!!!

  4. Gorgeous scenery – looks like the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday.

    1. Sometimes it is nice not to travel far but to enjoy the surroundings too 🙂

  5. Looks like a great spot, and refill in your coffee? perfect 🙂

  6. Looks like such great fun!

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