Coasters of Ice Cream Sticks

One evening after work and daycare we sat down with a number of ice cream sticks. My son wanted to make a pirate ship but after a little thought we designed these unique (and impractical?) pot coasters:


The only thing needed were ice cream sticks, glue and different things to decorate with.

Other ideas for simple crafts with ice cream sticks for toddlers here.



  1. I love “simple”! These are great 🙂

  2. Your ideas always amaze me! I will have to get this activity going with the kids. Recently I have started doing more activities with them. I just did a paper plate art and will share out soon. Love to bounce ideas off you 🙂

    1. Common activities are fun :), and great to hear someone can get inspired by something we do!

  3. Super cute! Next time you can make a picture frame and decorate it for the next Holiday and then get a cute picture of the kids – and ship it off to the grandparents! 🙂

    1. …with seashell and stones and a picture from the beach – what a great idea!

  4. Love these – too nice to use as coasters!!

    1. My daughter said they’d look good with wine glasses 😉

  5. Gorgeous. But yes, maybe impractical! 🙂 You can’t have everything.

    1. …a tea mug stays in the middle… 😉

  6. SOO cute… like the idea

    1. Thanks! You had some pretty good ideas on your blog too, I’ll have to dig deeper there with time 🙂

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