Recycling a Shower Curtain

I hope the old canvas shower curtain will make a strong shopping bag: At least it was easy to sew (even for somebody who is not too fussed about sewing). To make a shopping bag that packs nicely, I used the idea of packing it as a strawberry that I saw in NZ two years ago. Basically I’ve just sewn the “strawberry” fabric around one corner of the bag, and then made a little edge of the “leaves” where I could put an elastic band through. Since I only used old fabric bits lying around at home or pieces I’ve taken away from old stuff (the elastic band and the “lock” are from an old sleeping bag), it may look more like a beetroot… but that will do!



  1. You are like a wizard or something!

    1. To get me sewing almost requires some magic 😉 but I wanted to see if I could make the idea work!

      1. Well done! No chance I could do that. I can barely sew a button.

  2. This is simply awesome!

  3. Dude! that’s awesome! It took me a minute to realize they were the same bag, too – I love that! I’m about to head to the fabric store, just to see how cheap or expensive it would be to sew my own 50’s Flapper dress for Halloween. And if I can teach myself how to load the bobbin, all will be well with the world!

    1. Wow, that sounds like serious sewing to me! Make sure to post pictures if you end up making the dress!
      I was also considering doing up a dress to fit the roaring 20’s theme we needed for the party in London but when a friend of a friend had a perfect outfit ready, I was more than happy to borrow it 🙂

      1. LOL, trust me, if I can find an outfit that I don’t have to sew, I’m all over that!!

  4. It looks fantastic. I just bought one that doesn’t look as good – not sure my sewing skills are up to this though.

    1. This was very simple and one could hide most of the seems anyway 😉 if I’d enjoy the sewing part more, I think the idea could be well developed to a lot of cute things.

  5. I had to look at those pictures about three times before I realised they were the same bag. Too cute! Great idea. Well done.

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