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Halloween Games With An Aussie Twist : Spooky, Scary, Laughter Filled Fun

Halloween activities that sounds like great fun! Take a poke through The Kid Bucket List blog, if you want more great activity ideas!

Helsinki History (A)Live

Did you know that movie theatre Kino Engel 2 shows nonstop old movies and pictures from Helsinki for free? I didn’t, but as soon as I have time on a weekday 10am4pm or a weekend 12-4pm, I wouldn’t mind seeing e.g. how the suburb I now live in looked like in the 50’s! The movies […]

Crafts with Pipe Cleaners

The spiders and flowers were a bit too difficult for my 3 and 4 year old children to make but they had fun planning with me, and then twisting “crowns” and “knots” out of the pipe cleaners. Tidy crafts when no glue was needed and no mess was made. Would work well in the hotel […]

Raising Trilingual Children

In our family trilingual means a dad speaking English, me (and the majority of the society we live in) speaking Finnish and part of the society and my family, friends and daycare speaking Swedish to our children. As there are tree languages present in our daily lives, we wanted to make an effort and “give […]

Boats on Birthday

On his 3rd birthday our son dressed up as a pirate captain and initially welcomed his friends to either make their own sponge boat to take home, and/or play with cars on and decorate with stickers and crayons the 2metres x 3metres paper we had taped on the floor. We drew a river, a lake and […]

Autumn Fun

  Adults may not fancy the rain but kids love it: splashing through the puddles (I’d like them to avoid the diving in but obviously that happens too…), “fishing” in them, loading a truck with items “saved” from the puddle… Investing in proper rain gear has been worth every cent! More fun with autumn leaves […]

Fairy Tales and Birthday Celebrations in Annantalo

Annantalo, the centre for children’s art in Helsinki, hosts a Fairy Tale Day on Saturday 18th October 1-3.30 pm. There will be stories and nonstop workshops also in English, and children can dress up as a fairy tale character so it should be a fun event. More info here. On October 26th 11am-2pm the Art […]

Helsinki Baltic Herring Fair

We visited today, on the last day this year, the Baltic Herring Fair (silakkamarkkinat), which is a very traditional market and has been an annual event since 1743 (according to VisitHelsinki). Even though I am not a huge fan of the Baltic Herring, it has played a big role in the local diet for centuries, […]

Roses of Autumn

Mum came and decorated our home with an idea she had seen online: These are simple to make: just roll maple leaves, tie them with a piece of yarn and add unrolled leaves on the outside.

Family Event at Kimmo Playground, Käpylä

Last Sunday Kimmon leikkipuisto, a playground at Turjantie 3 in Käpylä, Helsinki, organised an event for the whole family, and it was at least the second Autumn they had one there. I think this kind of events are easy for catching up with people: there is space for the children to roam freely and also loads to […]


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