A Slack Saturday

29.10 balancing (2)Sometimes everyone needs a breather, time to catch up or just to be, which may be the best fun of all: yesterday Dad left on his next work trip before the morning, kids woke me up early (as usual), the three of us made breakie together in pj’s, and then we all fit nicely on the sofa, some of us snoozing more than watching Chip and Dale. The rest of the day went by easily by continuing to be lazy at some friends place, playing boardgames, reading quite a few books most often cuddled up in a bed, doing some art with hama pearls and then all of us were still happy to go early to bed.

The best part was, surprising enough, that all three of us were up for a slack Saturday at the same time. I first thought my children were getting sick but obviously not, they are fine, They must have also just wanted to have a slack day.


  1. I love when they start to become aware of needing a “day off”. I’ve said to P, “Let’s go out!” and he’ll say he just needs a “home day”. T is starting to do it, too. The trick, as you say, is getting everyone to line up at once! Now that is rolling the dice a bit…

    Good luck playing solo!

    1. Thanks!
      Hoping to have that another time to within year 😉

  2. I didn’t even know I needed a slack Saturday in my life! sounds wonderful 😉

  3. It’s nice to have a slack day. Especially so when the kids WANTED to have a slack day! 🙂

    1. The rarities need to be cherished!

  4. I love pajama days! Mr. T and I would have one about once or twice a year – and it felt great! Now that he’s older, the open days are fewer and far between!

    1. I take your word for a teen not having time to waiste in pajamas 🙂 i need to relish it while it still is possible.

  5. It’s good sometimes to remember kids don’t need constant stimulation & that by the end of the week they, like us, are often happy to just chill out ; )

    1. Easy to forget in the busy weeks but feels great sometimes

  6. I need one of those days. Soon!

    1. I’m not surprised with the house selling project you’ve got on! I didn’t even have a reason for needing one, but it felt gooooood!

  7. Sometimes it’s nice (and necessary) to just have a chilled out day!!

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