Family Event at Kimmo Playground, Käpylä

Last Sunday Kimmon leikkipuisto, a playground at Turjantie 3 in Käpylä, Helsinki, organised an event for the whole family, and it was at least the second Autumn they had one there. I think this kind of events are easy for catching up with people: there is space for the children to roam freely and also loads to do together. It is also relatively easy to keep an eye on the children while having a cuppa or a chat in adult company. Also, the events typically have affordable prices in their “cafe” and often the money goes for a good cause (not that I know who organised this event…). This time even the weather was ok for October (no rain…), so we went to the event with some friends.

My daughter was super excited by the pony ride (4e), the boys were thrilled when a fire engine drove to the playground (but my son was too afraid to go to the “big truck” and instead peaked at it from behind the tree…), the friend and big sis explored it from the inside too (to the horror of little brother), my daughter had a her face painted for 2e, and all the children had a freshly grilled sausage as well. There were also other activities such as floorball and a track with different jumping and exercising tasks made. As it was a playground, we also used the climbing frames and the boys loved to drive their “motorcycles” around too. It was a pleasant morning outdoors spent in good company!

As many of the bigger playgrounds around Helsinki host similar events, it is worth keeping your eyes open for paper ads on poles close to the playground or join local fb groups. Also, if you’d like to organise something, the clubhouses on the premises of the playgrounds are also to be rented for quite an affordable price e.g. for children’s birthday parties but if it is for some good cause, you may even get to use them for free.

wpid-20141005_110451.jpgPony riding

wpid-20141005_111103.jpg wpid-20141005_111247.jpg


  1. […] With the school summer holiday approaching, here is the list of the playgrounds in Helsinki. You’ll find there their open hours (staff and toys) and information on which ones serve a free lunch for children (the free lunch link will also give you a few tips on what else there is for families to do for free in Helsinki in the summer). Please also find the park lunch menu in Finnish. Here is another example of another playground event. […]

  2. […] has grown big and dared to go for a free ride on the four wheel drive and a cheap trial on a pony! Here more about Kimmo events and what was on last Autumn but usually the playground events are good fun […]

  3. The less crowded events are always more enjoyable for us, too. You can relax a bit and let the kids “off the leash” more!

    1. Relaxing is the key to enjoyment, space helps with that 🙂

  4. Pony rides and fire trucks are universal in kids love for them, aren’t they? What a fun day!

    1. They are! And kids don’t even seem to get tired of them!

  5. Looks like great fun and a great idea!! Playgrounds here should do that too…

    1. Yes, it was! Do you have somebody else organising similar events if playgrounds don’t?

      1. Sometimes at specific venues but the playground idea just really appeals and would catch a wider range of people.

  6. Looks like you had fun! Love the photo of your boy, behind the tree peeking 🙂 Maybe next year he will go closer 🙂

    1. Oh, a couple hours later he already passed the fire truck from a 2 metre distance so slowly….

  7. Awesome to have a free family event every now and then! How do they promote the event to the people there? Do they give out pamphlets or a neighbourhood notice board like what we do have here?

    1. Haven’t really seen any pamphlets but they put up ads on the black boards of the corner shops, and on various places i the suburb as well as share the ad in social media.
      Do you have similar events as well? Also with fire engines 😉 (see
      Kate’s comment)?

      1. We have once in a while similar events. But I have yet to chance upon a fire engine yet. We had wanted to visit a fire station for the longest time. Hopefully we’ll go after the children’s exams and blog to share with you 🙂

        1. Expat Dad Sg had a great post on visiting fire stations in Singapore way back:

          Something we’ll have to do when/if we get there (with a son hiding behind us…;))!

          1. Thanks for digging that out! I have read this before. Just have to find a Saturday with no commitment to bring the kids. I am sure the kids will love it 🙂 Your son is afraid? Boys usually love fire engines 🙂

            1. He loves them but gets excited to the point of being terrified. Funny little boy, no logic in all the feelings and behaviours

  8. Sausage…mmm. 🙂

  9. I love that no matter what country you are in – the Fire Truck is always a fascination and there for the kids!

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