Boats on Birthday

On his 3rd birthday our son dressed up as a pirate captain and initially welcomed his friends to either make their own sponge boat to take home, and/or play with cars on and decorate with stickers and crayons the 2metres x 3metres paper we had taped on the floor. We drew a river, a lake and a few roads on it beforehand, and the kids did the rest. Even the shyer ones got enough space to get started with something.

As he loves boats, we threw in a few more for the birthday table: together with my son we built a ship out of sandwiches (never mind the lean, we had fun doing it 😉 ), I made simple healthy sail boat snacks out of cucumber, red pepper and cheese and orange boats. Don’t worry, we weren’t that boring, we also served more than enough sweets andd there were other games as well as free play too. But there was one more boat worth mentioning: the pretty awesome pirate ship chocolate cake my husband made to our “big boy”.






  1. You are such a talent! If only your boy’s birthday came before mine haha! I would have stolen this idea! I love the boats, they are so well-done. The ideas of decorating stickers, making sponge boats are so creative. Now, I am off reading your links! Oh, happy birthday to your boy! 🙂

    1. Thanks you, we have such a happy “big boy” now! Now more toddlers in this house.

  2. Okay, now that’s awesome!

  3. That looks amazing 🙂 Happy birthday to your boy!

    1. Thanks! Ideas for your housewarming coctail party 😉

      1. I think that would be a far less classy affair 😉

  4. So creative, Vilma! Happy Birthday to your big boy!

  5. The cake looks great, and the cucumber boats too!

  6. The cake, in fact all of those boats look too good to eat. What a great theme and a great party!

    1. Choosing between the interests (Lightning McQueen, helicopters or boats) of the birthday boy, the theme was an easy pick 🙂 but it sure was a good party!

  7. Oh my goodness, that cake! Did your husband really make that? Is he a baker by trade? I am impressed. All of the boats are so inventive. Awesome job!

    1. He is an aircraft engineer that made his first cake two years ago; I wasn’t feeling so well and there was a birthday coming up, so he decided to help out. And has been doing it mostly ever since, not a bad outcome in my mind 😉 Then again, he is very good at building with many materials, why not a cake too?!

      1. My sister is an aerospace engineer and has the same talents. She doesnt design cakes, but costumes. I am always impressed with the way engineers minds can process and create. And I am slightly jealous too. Haha

        1. I’m only grateful that he does it so well, means I don’t have to 😀

  8. Sigh. Whatever happened to “Don’t play with your food!” 😉

    1. I was only taught that one shouldn’t be speaking with a full mouth at school, nobody said anything about playing (selective hearing is useful tooo)…

  9. The cake looks great!!

    1. He is good, isn’t he?!

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